Tuesday, February 9, 2010

CHANGE OF HEART by Mary Calmes

Publisher Dreamspinner Press
Date published November 2009
ISBN 978-1-61581-233-2
Contemporary Paranormal M/M
E-book / Trade Paperback
Obtained via: Publisher
Reviewed by Dawn

For were-panther Jin Rayne trying to have a normal life is not in his cards. With a past that refuses to let him go to a future that is uncertain, Jin is always one step ahead of his destiny even as he longs for a home of his own. Meeting the local leader of the were-tribe, he finds the mate he refuses to acknowledge & a love waiting for him to accept. For Jin is a rare were-panther and one that is precious to any were-tribe that has him; Logan has a long road to convince Jin that he needs to be by Logan’s side and to trust the heart scarred by a past betrayal.

CHANGE OF HEART is a beautiful told story that will draw you in and leave you longing for more. Ms. Calmes is a new author to read and I found this to be a wonderful, emotional story that will steal your heart. I loved the dynamics between Jin, Crane and the rest of the cast of characters found in CHANGE OF HEART. This is an author who gets to the depths of each one and shows the reader their soul within the pages. I especially loved the way Logan got Jin to trust him and then fall in love even as he shied away from it. It was beautifully told and Ms. Calmes deserves a big KUDOS for creating a story that is so hard to resist. I couldn’t put it down, even as my bedtime came and went.

Meet Jin, a gay were-panther. A past shrouded in pain, he shies away from relationships and moves from place to place, even as he longs for the one place to call home. Jin is special in the eyes of all were-tribes and he shies away from those who may try to possess him. That is until he meets Logan, the local were-tribe leader. Then destiny kicks Jin in the head with the mate of his dreams. Jin is a complex character who resonated with me. He faced pain and despair in his past and now he fights to not need anyone or give into the destined place that waits for him. I loved the deep friendship Crane has with Jin even as they run from place to place. There were times of laughter and then when Logan came onto the pages, lots of sighing. Logan is a strong alpha male who , when he meets Jin, finds the one thing he needs and desires. Logan is one yummy man and his patience with Jin melted my heart even as their scorching yet tender sex scenes stirred me up. Add in some great secondary characters to keep things interesting and some fights among the tribes, stir and you get CHANGE OF HEART.

is a romantic and emotional story that has the reader eager to know more even as they sigh and smile at the antics of Crane, Jin and all the rest of the great cast of characters here. Ms. Calmes is now on my auto-buy list and I look forward to more from this talented author. If you enjoy a unique paranormal story that will captivate you, then grab CHANGE OF HEART. You won’t be disappointed.


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