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What’s Your Favorite?

We all have our favorite themes…you know those hooks that grab you as soon as you pick up a book and read the back cover. Secret baby, marriage of convenience, mail order bride, woman in jeopardy, May-December romances. Seeing that one certain word or phrase sparks our interest and causes us to put the book in our cart, happily looking forward to the specific kind of read we love. The variety seems endless. There are even websites with long lists of all different types of themes. The categories are wide-ranging and infinitely interesting.

One of my favorites is the revenge theme. Emotions run high, secrets often abound and the anticipation of the conclusion ramps up the tension. And in revenge theme romances, there’s often a lovely groveling scene, when the hero or heroine discovers how wrong and misguided he or she was and must ask for forgiveness. When this happens, I sigh or get an emotional lump in my throat, especially if the scene is particularly poignant and emotional.

A reunion romance is another favorite. That second chance at love—an opportunity for former lovers to finally get it right. The first book in my new trilogy is a reunion romance. NO CHANCE is about young lovers who are tragically betrayed and torn apart. Gabe Maddox, who has been a secondary character in all my previous books, finally gets his own story. I always knew I would write Gabe’s story because I recognized he had secrets and emotions he didn’t want anyone to see. I wanted to uncover those secrets but never anticipated his book would be a reunion romance.

In RUN TO ME, when it’s revealed that Gabe’s married, I was quite shocked. Then I learned that his wife is considered one of the most eligible and beautiful women in the world. Eligible? Hmm? So not only is Gabe married, he’s married to a famous woman most people believe is single? What’s that about? How did that happen? I couldn’t wait to write his story and find out more.

Eight years pass before Gabe and his wife, Skylar, are reunited. The reunion is not exactly one of sweetness, since he’s rescuing her from a sadistic kidnapper. Skylar’s reaction to seeing Gabe again is one of my favorite parts of the book. She goes through at least a dozen emotions in the span of seconds. Her final reaction shocks them both. But, of course, at the end, they do finally get it right. Which is another type of emotional scene I love. The acknowledgement of all the years and time they’ve lost somehow makes the ending even more poignant. Reunited lovers realizing how lucky they are to have found one another again—an opportunity for another sigh-worthy scene.

Those are two of my favorite themes. What are yours? Do you have favorite books with the themes you love?


Christy Reece will give away one copy of RUN TO ME and one copy of NO CHANCE, so stop by and say hello. Please check back on Saturday to see if you are the very lucky winners!


Dannyfiredragon said...

Good morning Christy,

thanks for being our guest today.

I really like Military themed books or let's beterr say Men in uniform books.

But I also like revenge books!

Everyone, who hasn't tried Christy's books, I can highly recommend them!

Kara C said...

Good morning Christy!
Favorite themes? Redemption is good, tortured hero is great! :) Guess that explains my anticipation of Second Chance.
Love a hero who thinks he isn't interested in love too. The tougher they are the harder they fall!
Have a great day. And I definitely agree with Dannyfiredragon - if you haven't read Christy's books, get on it! Well worth it. :)

Mary G said...

Hi Danny & Christy
I love those listed as well as friends to lovers & best friends sister etc. If it has Christy's name on it, all the better.
Great review. Don't enter me as I have Christy's books.

Dawn said...

Hi Christy,

I enjoy redemption stories the most. Something about a bad boy/girl finding love and changing their lives around does something for me.

I haven't read any of your books and added them to my reading list. They sound great.


Christy Reece said...

Hi Danny, great to be here. Sorry I'm a bit late checking in. Had to get my sweetheart off to work.

Oh yes, military men or men in uniform. Sigh. What is it about a man in a uniform? Suzanne Brockmann and Cindy Gerard have great men in uniform books. What are your faves?

And the revenge books. Yes! One of my absolute favorites was Julie Garwood's wonderful historical and now, my post release day brain is failing me. Can anyone help me with the title? It's the one where the hero takes the heroine hostage in revenge against what her brother did to the hero's sister. Such a wonderfully romantic story. Anybody?

And Danny, thanks for the lovely endorsement! So happy you've enjoyed my books!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Kara! Good morning! Yes, love those redemption themed ones. Blended with a tortured hero, ah yes, he has my heart! In SECOND CHANCE, Cole is definitely a tortured man desperate for redemption. I was so glad to be able to write his story and help him with both. (:

And I love the ones where he thinks he isn't interested in falling in love. Noah had that problem in RETURN TO ME, didn't he? Thankfully Samara changed his mind.

And thank you for the kind words. Have a wonderful day, Kara!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Mary G.!

Do you have any favorite friends to lovers books? I know I've read some but can't place them now. The best friend's sister theme--Have you read Suzanne Brockmann's Letters to Kelly? I love that book!

And thank you for your sweet words! Enjoy your day, Mary.

Christy Reece said...

Hi Dawn, I agree. Reading books where people change their life around are wonderful. I think in a way it's a great reflection of real life. I love it when someone has had problems, admits those problems and then goes on to find happiness. Watching someone struggle, work hard to overcome problems and then triumph is so uplifting. And if it involves him or her finding their one true love. I'm sighing with happiness when I close that book!

Thanks for adding me to your reading list. Hope you enjoy my books. Have a great day!

Mary G said...

Hi Christy
There are so many best friend to lover books. One day I'll have to make a list. For now:
Her Best Friend's Lover-Shiloh Walker
A Little Harmless Sex-Melissa Schroeder
I think I like those because the "story" starts sooner as does the sexual tension.

Crystal (cmac) said...

Hey Christy
I like military, revenge, I also like some cowboy themes too. I agree with Kara Cs comment completely! Hope everyone has a great day! Hope everyone went out and got there copy of second CHANCE!! Its a great book!

Jackie P said...

Christy, was Julie Garwoods book The Gift or The Bride, there is one more too.

I am with the military them and I agree with Kara's redemption, and tortured hero themes. Though I do read others that when I read the cover it strikes my interest.

As you know Cole is my favorite hero. Only now that I have read Gabe's book, Mckenna sounds very interesting!!!! I can't wait for Last Chance either. :)

Christy Reece said...

Hey Mary, thanks for the recommends. Those sound great!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Crystal (cmac)! Cowboy stories. Do you have any recommends on them? Are those contemporary or historical? I'd love to try one. I don't know that I've read a contemporary cowboy story. Need to expand my reading! (:

Thanks so much for the endorsement! And for anyone confused about all these CHANCES. SECOND CHANCE and LAST CHANCE aren't out yet, but can be pre-ordered. But NO CHANCE is ready, willing and able to come home with you. (:

Christy Reece said...

Hey Jackie, I love those two JG books you mentioned. The Bride is actually on my top ten favorite books, but that's not the one I'm thinking of. I need to rummage through my bookshelves and find it. I reread it every two or three years and still sigh at how incredibly romantic it is.

LOL. I know you love Cole but I'm glad McKenna has you intrigued too. (:

Crystal (cmac) said...

oops I meant no CHANCE! Sorry had a brain fart lol

Dannyfiredragon said...


I can recommend the Military heroes books by Marliss Melton, Stephanie Tyler and Shannon K. Butcher. Love the books by Suz Brockmann, those were my first Contemporaries ever. Cindy Gerard books are also great

Christy Reece said...

LOL. Crystal, I knew what you meant! I just got to thinking, wow, there's lots of CHANCES for people to get these CHANCE books confused. (:

And I'm so happy you loved NO CHANCE. Thank you!

Christy Reece said...

Danny, yes! Those are wonderful too! So many unbelievably good books and authors to choose from these days. For which I am so grateful!

oklanannie said...

Good morning, Christy!

I blame "Beauty and the Beast" on what has become my addiction to the tortured hero theme. The best moment for me is when one of these heroes finally admits he needs someone and falls like a ton of bricks even though he's still fighting the word "love." I recently read Beth Cornelison's "Healing Luke," a really good example of the tortured hero theme. I recommend it to you if you haven't already read it. Of course, I'm very excited that Cole's story in SECOND CHANCE is coming soon. The man has definitely been through hell and suffered extreme cruelty at the hands of a madman, as well as personal loss and tragedy. I'm eager to see how Cole and Keeley find their HEA.

And I'm a sucker for a good reunion theme, as well. One of my favorites is "The Sweet Gum Tree," by Katherine Allred. I've been reading it every year for the last four years and everytime I am still brought to tears. It's a sweet SOUTHERN story with on wonderful HEA!

I'm off to a rescheduled bookclub meeting/lunch. I hope everyone has a fantastic day. And give yourself a real treat and read NO CHANCE by Christy Reece -- it's better than chocolate!

oklanannie said...

Oops! Meant to request that I not be included in the drawing. Lucky me - I've got all of Christy's books!

Modokker said...

Christy the Julie Garwood book you mean is called "Honor's Splendour" I just read it about a week or so ago.

I love the revenge books too lol Anything Julie Garwood writes is gold! I finally finished reading all her books last week.

I look forward to reading No Chance. Sounds like it'll be a great read!


Jane said...

Congrats on the new release, Christy. I love revenge and amnesia stories. Some of my favorites include Lisa Kleypas' "Again the Magic" and "someone to Watch Over Me."

susan said...

Afternoon Christy. I like a little secret in books. I was just reading one yesterday and about to give up on it until it said about this doctor who needed to get to his patient before others found out HIS secret in the way she is. Now I have to read and see what this doctor is up to. ha ha

Kara C said...

Friends to lovers plus the military man thing? How about Into the Fire by Suzanne Brockmann. Love me some Troubleshooters!
And yes, Christy, Noah had that problem. Probably one of the (many) reasons I love him. :)
Back to work. Everyone have a great day!

Christy Reece said...

Found the name of the Julie Garwood historical I referred to earlier. It's Honor's Splendour. Whew! That was driving me crazy trying to remember.

So glad I found. It's an absolutely wonderful book and now I'll have to find some time to read it again!

Sue A. said...

Hi Christy! I enjoy stories of redemption with a tortured hero. One of my favorites is Seize the Fire by Laura Kinsale.

Another favorite is the reunion story/second chance. I like that the story begins with there already being a back story for the couple and that the story itself is adding more layers.

I'm intrigued by what little you've told us about RUN TO ME. I read romance expecting to feel strong emotions and seeing that you write with high emotions, I know that's what I can expect.

donnas said...

Congrats on the release. Your books sound really good.

I dont have a specific theme that I prefer. It really all depends on what fits the story for me.

chey said...

My favourite theme is second chance romance.

tetewa said...

I enjoy reading about heroes that are dark and tortured. I also like men in uniforms preferbably sports athletes! Your reads sounds good as you would be a new author for me!

Gwen Hernandez said...

Hey, Christy! Apparently I'm not alone in my love of military heroes, especially anything by Suzanne Brockmann. Maybe that's why I married a man in uniform. Hmm... Anyway, I really love the wounded warrior theme.

I'm also drawn to the hidden identity stories. Like where the heroine doesn't realize the hero is a billionaire, and he craves being loved for who he is, not for his money...

tweetybrd22 said...

I really like western themed books and also historical themed books nothing gets you going like a hard working man.

Christy Reece said...

Oklanannie, thanks for the recommends. Definitely will read Healing Luke and The Sweet Gum Tree!

Guess what. Beauty and the Beast is my all time favorite fairytale. Go figure. (:

I was so happy to give Cole his happy ever after. Out of the six LCR books, SECOND CHANCE was the toughest to write. After it's been out a few months, we can have a discussion on why. If I say anything now, I'll be giving major spoilers away.

And better than chocolate? Yowza! That's a lot to live up to! Considering I'm an avowed chocoholic, that's the highest form of compliment! Thank you!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Lisa, yes! Honor's Splendour. Isn't it absolutely fabulous?

And thanks, hope you enjoy NO CHANCE!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Jane, thanks so much. And yes, Lisa Kelypas's Again the Magic and Someone to Watch Over Me. Wonderful, wonderful books!

Christy Reece said...

Hi Susan, yes, I adore secrets in books too! Love those surprises that you never expected. And then those little hints that there's something you don't know. They just keep me reading and reading until I uncover them all.

Christy Reece said...

Sue, I haven't read Seize the Fire by Kinsale. Will definitely add that to my list though. Flowers From the Storm is on my top ten favorites of all time. Talk about a tortured hero!

Yes, I think that's one of the best parts of a reunion story-the backstory. What happened to tear them apart? And then, is the spark still there? How have they changed over the years? Can they finally get it right? Love all those questions.

Thanks for your thoughts on RUN TO ME. Yes, it is an emotional story. Also a reunion romance, tortured hero, tortured heroine, amnesia and an evil villain. LOL. The whole package. If you get the CHANCE to read it, hope you enjoy!

Christy Reece said...

Hi Donnas, thanks so much. If you read NO CHANCE, hope you enjoy!

Christy Reece said...

Hi Chey, one of my faves also! The first four LCR books, in one way or the other, are reunion romances. So I definitely not only enjoy reading them, I obviously enjoy writing them too.

Yet SECOND CHANCE, the LCR book that comes out, is not a reunion romance. (:

Christy Reece said...

Hi Tetewa, yes, love those mysterious and tortured heroes! And another hand up for the men in uniform. I think that's a fave of so many of us. And the sports heroes. Sigh. Love SEP's Chicago Star books.

Also, Marie Force is a fairly new author with sports hero themes. Give her a try. I think several here have read her and loved her. And I have her books on my list!

If you get the CHANCE to read my books, hope you enjoy them!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Gwen, your very own man in uniform! Sigh...(:

Suzanne Brockmann's heroes are fabulous aren't they?

Oh, I've not read one about the secret identity billionaire. Can you recommend one? Sounds like a wonderful theme.

Christy Reece said...

tweetybrd22, a hard working man is a wonderful sight to behold. (:

Kara C said...

Why am I not surprised you read and liked Healing Luke? LOL We really do share a lot in common when it comes to books. That means, of course, that I will have to read The Sweet Gum Tree soon. :)
As themes go, I'd have to say Rescue Me sure had a lot going for it - reunion, redemption, survival. Love that book. :)
Everyone needs the CHANCE to read all your books.
Whatever shall we talk about when we've had our last CHANCE to overuse the word CHANCE? LOL

Christy Reece said...

You're right Kara, RESCUE ME had a boatload of themes, didn't it?

And when I get the CHANCE, I'm going to share with everyone the new titles. That LAST CHANCE to overuse the word CHANCE is going to be bitterSWEET. (-;

Gwen Hernandez said...

LOL, apparently I'm thinking of my own story lines with the "secret identity/secret billionaire/secret spy" theme. I have two, and more on my idea list. :-}

I rummaged through my bookshelf and found an old one by Suzanne Brockmann, "Otherwise Engaged", that starts with a misunderstanding like that. I'm thinking Harlequin Presents might have a few more of those. "Cavelli's Lost Heir" by Lynn Rae Harris is one example.

oklanannie said...

Kara C - I think you'll really enjoy "The Sweet Gum Tree!" I can't wait to hear what you and Christy (and anyone else who chooses to read it) think.

Because of our "literary kinship," I'm curious on what side of the fence you resided on with Suzanne Brockmann's "Dark of Night" -- were you for Sophia/Dave or Sophia/Decker or didn't care? And, what did you think of the Tracey/Decker matchup? This may or may not cause a "family rift"!! (HaHaHa)

Crystal (cmac) said...

Hey Christy
It took me a bit to get back to you on my favorite "cowboy" books. The first one that comes to mind is The Cowboy by Kristine Rolofson. It was one of the very first true romances that I read. It was like 10 years ago, but I liked it then and I actually reread it here last month or so and its still as good as I remember. Another one is The Touch of Fire by Linda Howard its a good one also.

chelleyreads said...

hi christy! congrats again on the release of no chance. reunited lovers is definitely my favorite romance scene so i REALLY want to read no chance and a favorite book with this plot that i've recently read is the book of scandal by julia london

Razlover's Book Blog said...

Hi Danny and Christy,

Great post and I love the cover! I love your books but unfortunately haven't had a chance to read "Run to Me".

I love books with a dark and tortured hero who is redeemed by love.

I also like reading books with a military hero.

Thanks for a chance to win!

Kara C said...

Perhaps we should just have Christy give us each other's email addresses. LOL We clearly have things to discuss.
To answer your question, it was always Dave and Sophia for me. Hope that doesn't mean we can't still be friends. :)
And, Christy,
That's very SWEET of you to say. Hahaha

Christy Reece said...

Hi Crystal, thanks for the recommends. I have read Linda Howard's Touch of Fire but not The Cowboy. Will add that to my list! Thanks!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Gwen, your books sound great! Hope you find a home for them soon so I can buy them! Will you use your real name or a pen name?

Christy Reece said...

Hi Chelleyreads, thanks so much. If you get the CHANCE to read NO CHANCE, hope you enjoy. And thanks for the recommend on Julia London!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Razlover, thanks! I love my cover too! Ballantine did such a good job with these covers, I want to frame them and put them on my wall. (:

Sounds like RUN TO ME is right up your alley if you like tortured heroes. Though the heroine goes through just as much, just a different way.

Hope you enjoy it when you get the CHANCE to read it.

Gwen Hernandez said...

Thanks for your support, Christy. I'm planning to use my real name at this point.

Also, had to chime in on DARK OF NIGHT. I absolutely loved how that one turned out, and Decker became one of my favorite Brockmann heroes by the end of the that book. Just love getting inside the head of the quiet, mysterious guys. (Like Cosmo!) ;-)

Dannyfiredragon said...

And the winners are Gwen Hernandez and Donnas.


please e-mail your shipping information to Christy.

Thanks everyone for stopping by and say hello

Christy Reece said...

Thanks to everyone for commenting. I had a great time! And thanks to Danny for inviting me here!

Congrats to Donnas and Gwen!

Email me at with your mailing address.