Wednesday, March 3, 2010

LADIES PREFER ROGUES by Janet Chapman, Sandra Hill, Veronica Wolff, Trish Jensen

Publisher: Berkley
Date published: February 2010
ISBN: 978-0425233818
Time Travel Romance
Obtained via Publisher
Reviewed by Valerie

Man From The Moon by Janet Chapman.

Isobel finds herself kidnapped by four handsome, but very strange men. One if them is injured and they insist that she takes care of him, even though she is not an ordinary doctor but a vet. As she tends Daniel, they grow close. Thing is, these men are from the future and the way there is a one-way trip.
The opening story to this anthology is a great read. Exciting, fast paced and captivating, I enjoyed this very much and I was hoping that the anthology continues in this way. Isobel is a wonderful character, Daniel is a hero who is at first very alpha, but who is quite sure that she is the woman for him. The interaction between them is funny and I loved the way she distracted him for his injections. I smiled real big at the end as he used the very same trick on her!

Tomorrow Is Another Day by Sandra Hill.

Larry Wilson didn’t know his friends and Navy SEAL colleagues had registered him on a dating site until women started contacting him. Fed up with all the attention, he decides to meet the owner to get his name taken down. Sparks fly, then when Margo Baptiste is thrown into the past and meets a man who is very much like Larry, she knows with her matchmaking skills she can help this troubled man.
Things are still going at a great pace here with this story from Sandra Hill, another winner that had me turning the pages and loving every minute of my reading time. In fact, this story even made me shed a tear at the end. The ending will leave your feeling really good. Great characters, good plot and some entertaining secondary characters will have you enthralled.

The Drowning Sea by Veronica Wolff.

Iain McNab loves Cassie, but her father is not happy with the union. When he tries to hang Iain, Iain has to watch her get stabbed. He is rescued and goes to sea, first as a cabin boy, then as a pirate himself. Although he has the opportunity to avenge the death of his true love, Fate has yet to show her hand.
This is a swashbuckling type of story. At first we get to know the two main characters, then we go off on a trip across the seas as we follow Iain on his adventures. I swear you can smell the sea, feel the waves rocking the boat and hear the seagulls. This is another story that will give you some good feelings and hold you captive until the end.

Sixteen Decades by Trish Jensen.

Sheriff Ty Coltraine is surprised when he is looking for a missing person at the Rooster Ranch to find a woman locked in the shed. Thinking, it must be one of Fannie Mae’s girls, he is even more surprised to find a woman who has been beaten, wears strange clothing and insists that he was the one who had accosted her. As her story unfolds and Ty helps her to adjust to a modern world, he finds himself attracted to her and hoping she won’t go back to her own tome.
This is an entertaining story. From the first page on I was held captive. Ty Coltraine is a great hero and Maggie Prescott will entertain you as she navigates her way through a modern world. This talented author has written a story that will make you smile a lot and give you good warm feelings at the end. Trish Jensen is a new-to-me author and I think I need to look at her other titles. This author is one I need to watch.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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