Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A TOUCH OF SCANDAL by Jennifer Haymore

Publisher Grand Central Publishing
Date published April 2010
ISBN 978-0-446-54027-8
Historical Romance
Mass Market Paperback
Obtained via: Publisher
Reviewed by Susan

Garrett, Duke of Calton is on a mission to seek out his enemy. His path crosses with Kate who rouses his interest. The attraction is mutual but Kate has a secret of her own to hide.

A TOUCH OF SCANDAL is the sequel to Ms. Haymore’s, A Hint of Wicked. If you read the earlier book, Garrett came back from the dead and tried to reclaim his wife, Sophie who had remarried. He did come across as a semi-sympathetic character and we did wonder what kind of story Ms. Haymore had for him. Garrett is a fairly likable man. He tries to do the right thing and he does feel some angst about how he has treated the women in his life. Kate is a heroine that readers will sympathize with. She is not from the upper-echelon of the aristocracy. She is a genuine woman who has developed a strong relationship with Lady Rebecca, Garrett’s sister. The attraction that these two feel is vibrant and palpable. However the path to the happily ever after is not smooth. The best part of the book was when Garrett and Kate are together one on one. They are wonderful together when they get to talk to one another without outside interference.

There are several plot devices used that interrupted my enjoyment of the story. It goes without saying that the question of Kate’s suitability to be a duchess is brought forward as well as the reappearance of the former mistress, Joelle. The story gets bogged down with when we have to read about Garrett and Joelle’s relationship and then Aunt Beatrice with her interference. It was very clichĂ© to introduce the former mistress – it is the ultimate monkey wrench to ruin a relationship. I was disappointed with the use of this device, as I have read many romances that have introduced the ex-fiancĂ©e, wife, girlfriend or mistress as a stumbling block to the couple’s “happily ever after”.

I enjoyed “A Hint of Wicked” but was somewhat disappointed with A TOUCH OF SCANDAL. For those who were left wondering what happened to Garrett, you will want to pick this up but I am hoping that the third book featuring Rebecca will be more enjoyable.


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