Friday, April 9, 2010

FARM FRESH MURDER by Paige Shelton

Publisher: Penguin
Date Published: April 2010
ISBN: 978-0-425-23387-0
Cozy Mystery
Reviewed by Angie
Obtained by Publisher for review

Becca Robins lives on a farm where she makes jam from her garden produce. Her blackberry and pumpkin jams are to die for! She spends her days between making the goodies, tending her plants and selling at a flea market her sister manages. When her sister calls in a panic one morning, Becca races to the market to find out a vendor has been murdered. Becca does not recognize Matt Simonson, the peach vendor who was found dead, but she does know the suspects in the case and is determined to find out who is framing her friends.
Ian Cartwright is the only person Becca has felt an attraction to since her last husband departed her life via divorce. She is afraid to trust her judgment on men because of her past, yet Ian pulls at her heart strings. She wants to trust him, but knowing there is a murderer in their midst is tainting their budding relationship. Becca determines she must find the killer to save not only the market, but to find out if Ian can be trusted with her heart.
FARM FRESH MURDER left this reader wanting to go back to her grass roots and set up a produce stand. Paige Shelton’s first novel in this series has enough of a fast pace to keep readers wanting more while being a cozy mystery. It has a great heroine, a love story and a dramatic mystery to appeal to ALL readers! This book has it all! This book ends with recipes that sound yummy and so simple anyone can follow the instructions – now I must wait on fall to try the Pumpkin Preserves recipe, and the wait is feeling daunting.
The pace of FARM FRESH MURDER is perfect – it has heart stopping moments but the flow is perfect. It brings in just enough of a romantic twist to feature love and drama entwined in a perfect tale. Becca is the perfect heroine – she is a strong single woman who manages her own business, yet she is feminine and loving when it counts. And her dog making her an animal lover makes her the perfect character to bring the killer to justice. Ms. Shelton’s first in the series is a keeper – she keeps the drama going and does not let on who the killer is until the pages are nearly finished. Pick up your copy as soon as it hits the shelves and I promise you will not want the book to end!


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