Sunday, April 18, 2010

SILVER BORNE by Patricia Briggs

Publisher: ACE Books
Date published: April 2010
ISBN: 978-0-441-01819-2
Urban Fantasy
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained by library

Mercy is a mechanic by day, a coyote shifter and the mate of the local Alpha werewolf. A peaceful life is not in Mercy’s fate. When she tries to return a Fae book she borrowed, she finds the bookstore shut down and no one there. Then comes the attacks on her friends and Mercy has to figure out what is so special about this book that the Fae are determined to kill for it. On top of that, Mercy has more to worry about then vengeful Fae; someone is also trying to destroy her bond with her mate and her friend Samuel is going through a crisis that will have drastic consequences if let alone. Will she be able to survive all this in time to live her own version of happily ever after?

SILVER BORNE is the fifth book in the Mercy Thompson series and this is a series that just keeps getting better with each novel. Ms. Briggs is a masterful storyteller who draws the reader in from the first page and captivates them till the very end. I love the character of Mercy Thompson. She is very feisty, independent and loyal to her friends/family, though she is not without faults. Mercy is a woman readers can relate to and cheer for as they see her jump head first into trouble then ask questions later. I have to admit, this is one of the best books to date on Mercy and he friends and Ms. Briggs does a great job in creating characters that has the reader so invested in them. We get to see a more in-depth look into the Mercy-Adam relationship as well as some familiar characters that keep the story flowing smoothly.

SILVER BORNE is a character driven story that keeps the reader glued to the edge of their seat as they flip the pages trying to see what happens next. With each page, the reader is given a deeper understanding of Mercy, Adam and their pack mates/friends. I love the way this author just let Mercy be herself. A person, who has had many mishaps that could have killed her but in the process, has made her stronger. What I really enjoyed about SILVER BORNE was the way this author shows us how conflicted Mercy was and even with all her doubts and fears, she knew she could count on her mate, Adam, to find her no matter what. The relationship these two have is so rich and even as they deal with the aftermath of Mercy’s rape in the last book, Mercy always knows she can count on Adam no matter what. This is what makes the book so strong for me. Add in complex relationships that cause confusion, joy and more with multi-dimensional characters that continue to grow and mature in each book, you have the makings of a story that will stay with you long after the last page is read. This is a series that I can read multiple of times and still be affected in the same parts.
If you haven’t read any of the Mercy Thompson novels, I highly suggest you run to grab them. I do recommend reading them in order as each book capitalizes on the last. If you enjoy a fast paced, tightly written series with some memorable characters, then grab SILVER BORNE and the rest of the series for pure reading enjoyment.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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