Sunday, April 4, 2010

SLAVE TO THE CROWN by Katica Locke

Shadowfire Press
November 2009
ISBN: None Listed
Erotic Fantasy
Reviewed by T. Barringer
Obtained via: publisher

CLICK TO PURCHASE! Katica Locke’s SLAVE TO THE CROWN is an unusually erotic tale of a royal goblin’s ascension to the throne.

Mair is a half-fairie son of the goblin king’s sister and the last person the goblin horde wants sitting on the throne, but when the king dies in battle and his sons kill each other over the crown, Mair finds himself suddenly the sole heir to the throne. Staying alive to be crowned is made even more difficult when Mair is presented a sidhe soldier captured in battle as his personal slave. Luckily for Mair, his misconceptions of the fairy are proven false and he strikes a deal with his new slave to free him once Mair lives through the coronation ceremony. That is, if a goblin is to be trusted.

Katica Locke has penned an unusual erotic fantasy set among the realm of the fairies and goblins in SLAVE TO THE CROWN. The world she presents is harsh and filled with betrayal and politics. No one was more surprised than Mair when he became the sole heir to the thrown. But now that his life is put in jeopardy again and again because of the crown, he finds himself trusting an unlikely ally, his sidhe slave, who is far more skilled than Mair at keeping him alive for the crowning. The tale turns surprisingly erotic when circumstances and a randy elf find pleasure in the odd arrangement they find themselves in.

As far as storyline goes, there isn’t much of one. However, this story still managed to surprise and hold the reader’s interest throughout. And the world building was terrific given the length of the story. If SLAVE TO THE CROWN is any indication of Katica Locke’s writing style, this reader looks forward to seeing where Ms. Locke’s next tale will take her.


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