Friday, May 28, 2010

THE EROTIC GHOST by Audrey Godwin

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand
Date published: January 2009
ISBN: 1-60601-055-7
Erotic, Paranormal Romance
E-book Kindle
Reviewed by Gina
Obtained by publisher

CLICK TO PURCHASE! Called away from a romantic interlude with her sexy cop boyfriend, Dana Perrin heads off to a new assignment. Before she arrives at her destination, however, she finds herself stranded on a dark road with nary a phone in sight. Stumbling about she finds herself before a looming old structure, not all that different from the one the heroine of her latest read finds herself in. A starchy old butler greets her and after an eerie fashion, sees to her needs. Bit by bit Dana's world, or the world she remembers, fades away from her. Her car, then cell phone disappears as if they never existed. Amorous visits from a devastatingly handsome man do nothing to ease her mind, especially when she realizes she is living a novel that seems to keep finding its way to her. She knows a grave sits upon the hill and is chilled to the core because of who will lie in that grave. Is she living a heart wrenching romance or starring in a macabre nightmare? Is Franz the man of her dreams or her worst nightmare?

It has been too long since I read an Audrey Godwin tale. Plain and simple, she is a compelling story teller. Her books are not non-stop action with white knuckle adventure. Rather like the kind where you can easily picture yourself sitting on a porch and hearing a soft spoken narrator weave a tale filled with romance, mystery and passion. Her books are tales to savor and enjoy long after the last page is read.

I am a huge fan of Gothic romance and THE EROTIC GHOST has some of the best elements of a good Gothic—an old house, a brooding hero and shadowy happenings. With a touch of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Ms. Godwin entertains and draws you into a satisfyingly eerie tale. Authors are often asked if their characters live with them when they are writing their books. THE EROTIC GHOST leads the reader down the pathway of what it would feel like to star in your favorite novel. At eighty-five pages THE EROTIC GHOST is an afternoon's read that leave you wanting more from this marvelous author. Fortunately she has a diverse backlist of equally tantalizing selections.


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