Thursday, May 20, 2010

SWEET VIBRATIONS Tygers Series book 1 by Melinda Barron

Publisher: Loose Id Publishing
Date published: August 2007
ISBN: 978-1-59632-522-7
BDSM Full-figured Heroine Romantic Suspense
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained by Publisher

CLICK TO PURCHASE! Lucy Travers is afraid to trust after an abusive relationship leaves her wounded inside in more ways than one. Ann’s unexpected inheritance brings her in contact with the one man who can make Lucy believes in love and trust again-Dom Lake Ross. Trusting Lake will take all Lucy has for secrets come that will either destroy them both or bring them closer together.

SWEET VIBRATIONS is a hot story that will melt you into a puddle as well as introduce you to the BDSM club Tygers. The writing was tight though I had to flip pages a lot of the time to get past all the numerous sex scenes, in one capacity or another revolving around Lake showing Lucy the delights of being a submissive. It felt a little too over the top and though it showed aspects of the BDSM world, it didn’t quite resonate with me very well. The writing was tight, storyline fast paced if at times redundant, it worked to a degree to keep me coming back to see what happens next.

Meet Lucy Travers, a woman who is scared to get back into the world of BDSM and even as she longs for a Master, she is afraid to trust another Master after having her heart and soul broken by her ex-husband. Selling her uncle’s motorcycle, she finds a kindred lover of bikes and Lake Ross is the perfect man to heal her heart and show her the true way a master loves his submissive. These two characters were not resonating with me for some reason. Maybe it was the mood I was in or the way they were written but I just couldn’t feel for either of them. Lucy was whiny at times especially over how she kept saying she was fat and had me wanting to smack her silly over it and Lake’s alpha attitude had me gnashing my teeth at times. It drew me out of the story and it was hard to get invested in them. I was more interested in the secondary characters as they seemed more multi-dimensional than the main characters in SWEET VIBRATIONS.

Overall, the overlying suspense of Lucy’s inheritance and the secrets behind it were what kept me intrigued to finish the book to see what happened in the end. The sexual aspects were a bit too much at times to get into and enjoy. If you enjoy a highly sexual, BDSM story with suspense elements then this may be for you. SWEET VIBRATIONS was an ok story to read if you want a more in-depth look in the world of BDSM.


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