Monday, May 24, 2010

AN UNEXPECTED VINTAGE A Bottled Up Series Story, Book 4 by Andrew Grey

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press Date published: April 2010 ISBN: 978-1-61581-403-9 Contemporary M/M Romance E-book Reviewed by Dawn Obtained by Publisher CLICK TO PURCHASE! Gary Keller is new to the area and when his new friends invite him on a cruise, he thinks it is a wonderful opportunity. On the cruise he spies a very handsome man staring at him and as sparks fly between them, he finds something much more than a week long adventure but something much more. Scott Haworth is drawn to Gary yet he has a past that he is afraid will doom any chance he has with him. But the heart doesn’t care and the week they spend together is the best time they ever have. But time is drawing short and both Gary & Scott know that they have to part….will it be forever? AN UNEXPECTED VINTAGE is the next installment in the popular Bottled Up Series by Andrew Grey. Since the beginning, this is an author who delivers a story with heart. I fell in love with this series since the first one (The Best Revenge) and continue to enjoy each installment each time it comes out. Each story just keeps getting better and better. Mr. Grey is a talented author who knows how to steal his readers’ hearts with some great characters and heartfelt romance amid the pages. Meet Gary Keller, a man who is new to the area and though lonely, he is thrilled his new friends have invited him on their cruise. Seven days away in sun, sand and relaxation sounds like fun. During the seven days, Gary finds a man worthy of more than sex but of his heart as well. Scott is shy and though he has a few secrets of his own, he falls for the one man who has made him feel worthy again and never let him down. Seven days and nights of passion and romance….can they turn it into a relationship that will last? I love these two together. Gary is a normal man, who is a bit lonely, wishing for someone to share his life with. Scott is fragile and burned as he tries to deal with the new life he was thrust into. These two are so different yet both fit the other like a glove. This author delves into his main characters with gusto and shows the readers’ their hearts amid the pages of AN UNEXPECTED VINTAGE. Add in some wonderful secondary characters from the past books (The Best Revenge, Bottled Up, and Uncorked) to bring some great moments and to move the story along nicely. AN UNEXPECTED VINTAGE is a true gem of a story that will bring a smile to your face while reading it. Each time I read one of this author’s books, I fall a little bit more in love with his wonderful characters and stories. I highly recommend this entire series if you enjoy a character driven story with a romance that will touch your hearts. Mr. Grey is an author that is on my auto-buy list and cannot wait for more of his books in the future. THIS IS NOT AN ENDORSEMENT OF THIS BOOK. THIS IS AN OBJECTIVE UNBIASED REVIEW.

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