Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Publisher: Loose Id
Date published: April 2010
LGBT Fantasy Paranormal Suspense
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained by publisher

Book Hunter Colin Bliss is fed up with his desk job at the Imperial Arcane Library and after accepting a commission to find an ancient witch’s grimoire, he finds himself having to travel to the Western Isles to solve an ancient mystery while the most aggravating man alive-Master Sepitmus Marx-is determined to stop him. Why he has no idea but then things start happening that leave Colin questioning not just Sepitmus but also the job itself. Can Colin figure it all out before it’s too late?

THE DARKLING THRUSH is a fun, wild ride from start to finish. It has been awhile since I read one of this author’s wonderful books and this latest one is sure to please any lover of Josh Lanyon’s stories. Tight writing, a fast paced storyline with a dash of simmering sexual tension and mystery all make up this fabulous story that left me wanting more. Mr. Lanyon is a talented author that captivates his readers and leaves them breathless till the very end. If you enjoy a dash of romantic suspense with your fantasy, then THE DARKLING THRUSH is sure to please your senses.

Meet Colin Bliss, a book hunter who has been stuck at his desk far too long at the Imperial Arcane Library. When he gets an unexpected invitation to take a commission from The Sword’s Shadow, an ancient witches grimoire; having to travel to the Western Isles has Colin scrambling to solve an ancient murder while trying to not fall for the aggravating yet sexy Master Septimus Marx. Secrets, mysteries and revelations abound as Colin gets closer to the answers and the grimoire. Can he stay alive long enough to solve the mysteries? I love Colin and Sepitmus. Both are polar opposites of one another. Colin is bookish and a self proclaimed “Book Hunter”. Sepitmus is sexy, dour and very good at his job at the Imperial Arcane Library. The sparks fly soon after these two run into each other and this is an author who really gets to the heart of his characters. Mr. Lanyon shows just who they are-complete with hidden vulnerabilities and fears. I loved the way Colin and Sepitmus meshed well together and with other secondary characters. Well rounded, you get a feeling they could step off the pages and into real life with ease. I enjoyed how Colin was something of a bookworm and “nerd”. It made the dynamics between himself and Sepitmus more enjoyable in my thinking.

THE DARKLING THRUSH is one enjoyable ride from start to finish. I am just hoping this author comes back again the world he’s created within the pages of this story. I have to say there are some things people may find objectionable-mainly M/M scenes and graphic language. Overall, THE DARKLING THRUSH is a story I am eager to read again. If you enjoy a dash of mystery to your M/M Fantasy then grab this latest book by Mr. Lanyon. You won’t be disappointed.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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