Monday, June 14, 2010

UNHOLY NIGHT by Candice Gilmer

Moonlight & Shadows book 1
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Date published: May 2008
ISBN: 978-0-9817144-2-4 (ebook)
ISBN: 9781616501341 (Print)
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained via Publisher

CLICK TO PURCHASE! Marissa Van Dyke knows her life isn’t perfect but she is content with it as it is. Not celebrating Halloween, Marissa is persuaded to attend a Halloween party where she is told her fortune by a gypsy fortune teller. Telling herself it is all foolish games; Marissa is stunned to find herself drawn to a sexy man with green eyes so familiar it scares her to the bones. Can Marissa find love with Neil Drigan even as she tries to hold onto a past filled with pain?

UNHOLY NIGHT is a short fun Halloween story that will leave you wanting more. Marissa is a character you can get into and I found her very relatable. The writing was tight, the connection between Marissa and Neil sizzling and the sex scenes added depth to the story that made you ache for something. Ms. Gilmer is a “new to me” author and one I found very enjoyable to read. Once I was done with UNHOLY NIGHT, I raced to see what other books Ms. Gilmer had available to read in her backlist.

Meet Marissa Van Dyke, a woman who knows the loss of someone dear to her and just trudges on with her life, determined that even though it’s not perfect, it is fine for her. She spends Halloween mourning her lost love and when persuaded into going to a Halloween party, she finds herself face to face with her destiny in the form of sexy Neil Drigan. Can she let go of the past in order to have a future with him? Marissa is a wonderful character and one I could really feel for. You can feel the pain of her loss as well as her long dormant desires simmering forth once she is caught in the gaze of Neil Drigan. Neil is one smoking hot hero here with secrets that will capture your imagination within the pages. The sparks fly between these two and I could have sworn I saw smoke rising from the computer from it all. The sexual tension simmers between Marissa and Neil as a fortune teller’s predictions come true, Will Marissa risk it all to have a future with the man she has come to love? The author really gets into her characters hearts and souls in UNHOLY NIGHT and delivers multidimensional people who steal your heart. Add in some wonderful secondary characters and you got the makings of a wild, heart pounding story to enjoy.

UNHOLY NIGHT is a great introduction to the Moonlight & Shadows trilogy from Ms. Gilmer and one I will add to my reading list for the future. If you enjoy a different sort of Halloween story that will tease your senses and deliver some simmering passion, then grab UNHOLY NIGHT and settle in for one wild ride. Ms. Gilmer is an author to watch out for as she weaves her spell around you and takes you away to a place where shifters, vampires and love roam free.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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Candice Gilmer said...

Thanks for the great review of Unholy Night, I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)