Tuesday, July 6, 2010

BRAZEN’S ARMY by Piper Evyns

Publisher: Loose Id
Date published: July 2009
LGBT Science Fiction/Futuristic
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained by publisher

Ridley Sykes has dreamed of a man who turns him on like no other has. Ten long years of dreaming him and when he finally meets the man in the flesh, he is there to kill him.

The world has been at war forever & for soldier, Brazen Malone, he wasn’t expecting to find Ridley so damn desirable or for that matter nuts. For Ridley is determined to end the wars raging on the planet and save humanity-he just needs Brazen’s help to accomplish that. No back up, limited fire power- trouble looms as war invades their lives from all fronts. Can Brazen and Ridley be able to stop the war and live to see another day?

BRAZEN’S ARMY is one of those books you just cannot put down. Non-stop action, sexual tension that tightens within the pages and lots of male hotness in the form of Brazen Malone and Ridley Sykes that make up this story filled with twists and turns that will leave you breathless. The writing was tight, pace was fast and the sex scenes were scorching hot. This is an author who knows her characters intimately- their desires, their vulnerabilities and hearts. It conveys across the pages of BRAZEN’S ARMY and into the readers’ imagination perfectly. I started this story a few hours before bedtime and had to finish it. It was very engrossing and though at times a little confusing, it all worked out as information on prophecies was revealed.

Meet Ridley Sykes, a professor at an abandoned college in a time where the world was devastated by wars for the last ten years. Haunted by vivid dreams of his dream lover and visions of a prophecy, Ridley has to convince Brazen to not kill him and believe in him because Ridley is the key to stop the madness that is encompassing the world. First off, Ridley is one of those characters that are the polar opposite to the big alpha male hero. Smart, thin, bookish but dang if he isn’t sexy as well. I loved the pairing of Brazen-this big, alpha soldier male-with Ridley. They were the perfect pairing in my opinion and you could see how both complimented the other rather well. Brazen Malone is career military and though he vaguely remembers life when it was normal, not all warfare, he is still surprised to get the assignment of taking out one Ridley Sykes. What he never expects is to throw away his career and life to help Ridley as they race against bullets, enemies and a prophecy that Ridley is trying to decipher. Can Brazen believe in the man he was sent to kill? Brazen is a character that seems larger than life within the pages of BRAZEN’S ARMY. A strong alpha male, he was smoking hot and had me drooling from the time he stepped onto the pages till the very end. Some wonderful secondary characters kept the story flowing smoothly and the plot does a few twists that had me guessing till the very end.

BRAZEN’S ARMY is a wonderful science fiction M/M story that will keep you highly entertained till the very end. I enjoyed the dynamics between Ridley and Brazen as well as the few twists that kept me guessing till the last page was read. If you haven’t picked up BRAZEN’S ARMY then run to grab it. I look forward to reading more from this author in the future.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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