Monday, July 12, 2010

The Forbidden Rose by Joanna Bourne

Publisher: Berkley
Date published:e June 2010
ISBN: 978-0425235614
Historical Romance
Reviewed by Susan
Obtained via Pblisher

It is a violent time as the French revolution is rolling along. Marguerite de Fleurignac has been hiding out in her family’s burnt-out chateau. Guillaume LeBreton aka William Doyle, an English spy, encounters her. They join forces and travel to Paris thus begins an electrifying tale that will sweep you away.

Marguerite is a superb heroine. She is intelligent, witty and so wonderfully drawn that you can picture her. This is not a woman who will cower in the face of adversity but a woman who will think out of the box to overcome it. You can definitely say that I loved her! I wish all heroines could be like her. William or Guillaume is a perfect match for her. He is a man with a strong sense of loyalty and moral compass. They set off sparks from their first meeting and it just builds until the end of the story.

The secondary characters in this book are just as intriguing as the lead couple. To just name a few: Justine, Adrian, Jean Paul, Victor and even Marguerite’s father – they all enhanced the story. Justine and Adrian have several scenes together and it gives us a taste of what we are hoping for in the next book in this series.

Ms. Bourne’s writing is wonderful. The description of the settings and events flows so smoothly that the reader can totally picture themselves in this time period. I haven’t been wowed by a book in a long time but this one is a gem! It is rare for me to reread a book immediately but I did and it was as good as the first go-around! Kudos to Ms. Bourne on a great job!

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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