Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Black Dagger Brother Hood Series book 7
Publisher: Signet
Date published: November2009
ISBN: 978-0-451-22857-4
Urban Fantasy/Paranormal/Vampires
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained by self-purchase

Rehvenge is used to the shadows. They are his salvation especially as he deals with nightwalkers that include the most deadly of the vampire world-the Black Dagger Brotherhood. His fearsome reputation precedes him and when a plot to kill the King of the vampires arises, Rehvenge is the one the plotters want to do the deed. But Rehvenge has a secret he would kill to keep and when the secrets he harbors threatens to explode, he finds a safe harbor in the form of a vampire that is pure and innocent in his eyes. Can he find a way to keep the woman he loves while chaos reigns around him?

LOVER AVENGED is one wild ride from start to finish. If you haven’t picked up one of Ms. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood books, then I highly suggest you haul your butt over to the nearest Borders and grab them. Highly addicting, complex characters, emotional storylines and kick butt action all play within the pages of one of JR Ward’s books. I know many readers have their favorites but for me, each Brother in this series is one to drool over and in this latest book, we finally get the story of Bella’s brother the infamous “Reverend”. From his amethyst eyes to his amazing heart, this is a man conflicted and determined to do the right thing for his mom, sister, and close friends like Xhex, iAm & Tez. I cried, laughed, mourned and sighed throughout LOVER AVENGED and found Rehvenge’s story to be full of twists and turns it was like you never knew what this author will show you next. Questions were answered but more were asked. Secrets come out on all sides and finally in the end, a man finds heaven in a woman he loves beyond the fade and a destiny he never wanted.

LOVER AVENGED is an action packed, roller coaster of a ride as the reader finds some shocking events that get put into motion and lives are changed within the blink of an eye. We have three story arcs going on in this installment (Rehvenge & Ehlena, John Matthew & Xhex and Wrath) and though at times, one may overshadow the others, it all intertwines nicely in my opinion to an ending that will shock you to the core. If you enjoy JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series, then I highly urge you to grab this latest book. I am eager to see what happens next in this engaging series and who will be next in this author’s crosshairs. I just suggest you read the series in order as each book capitalizes on the last book and you may get lost if you pick it up mid-series.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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