Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Publisher: Total E-Bound Publishing
Date published: May 2010
ISBN: 978-0-85715-153-7
Paranormal GBLT Contemporary
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained by publisher

CLICK TO PURCHASE! Discovering he is a wizard wasn’t something Julian thought when he first meets Dante. When each spell goes the opposite of what he intended, Julian is ready to throw in the towel and forget he ever has these powers. Dante is determined to figure out what is going on with Julian and as they fall in love, they find something that neither anticipate but is it too late for them even as the latest spell backfires with unexpected consequences?

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT is a wonderful short novella that will heat you up and deliver an afternoon of delights. The writing was tight, characters intriguing and the twist at the end had me smiling in delight. This is a short, easy read that was a nice surprise on a lazy Sunday afternoon. It definitely delivered the heat factor right off the bat but the sex scenes that sizzled between Dante and Julian didn’t take away from the storyline itself. It just enhanced it to a whole new level.

Meet Julian, a somewhat clumsy smart man who loves his job at the upscale clothing store and is shocked to find out the hot man who came into his store knows everything about him, what shocks him even more-being told he is a wizard. Julian doesn’t know what to believe-that he is a wizard or that Dante is a nutcase. Dante is Julian’s Guardian, the one charged with teaching him his magic when he turns twenty-five. He wasn’t expecting to fall for the young man even as they try to unravel the mystery of what is going on with his magic. Can Dante convince Julian to keep at his magic or will Julian ask to erase everything…including Dante…from his mind? These two characters are so combustive it was a miracle the e-reader didn’t go up in flames. With a few interesting twists, Ms. Byrnes creates a wonderful world of humans, magic and a little mayhem to keep things interesting. I found the characters to be well rounded and easily likable, the twists kept me intrigued and the sexual tension between Dante and Julian fairly blew up the screen. Some secondary characters kept me giggling and I would love to know more about them in the future.

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT is a wonderful, quick story that will make you squirm while reading it. I hope the author comes back to this wonderful world she created and deliver some more intriguing tales. Highly enjoyable and one I plan to read again in the future.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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