Wednesday, September 8, 2010

THE CLASH by Crystal Kauffman

Guardian’s Realm book 3
Publisher: Loose Id
Date published: March 2010
ISBN: 978-1-60737-541-8
Paranormal Vampires/Urban Fantasy
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained by Publisher

Agent Robert Almaden doesn’t like vampires…fact is, he hates them with a passion. Ever since his son was turned into one, he has tried to find a cure and get his son back to being human. Vampire Cvetelina Maldonova has lived over six hundred years and for Robert to call her for help, has her curious because she knows he can’t stand the sight of her. Robert is determined to walk into a known vampire’s lair to save his son, but can Cvetelina get him to listen to reason before he gets killed?

THE CLASH is one wild ride from the first page to the last. Lots of action, some wickedly sexy scenes that had sex toys, mĂ©nages and more to get the blood racing and the storyline flowed beautifully. Ms. Kauffman definitely delivers a wonderful story to get lost in but I had one teeny problem with it- Robert’s about face from hating vampires to loving them. It was a total 360 and had me blinking for a bit in the end in disbelief. The ending was a little too pat for me as I would have loved a little more conflict for Robert to go through but overall the story was nicely told.

Meet Robert Almaden, an agent for the Vampire Task Force in the US, goes overseas on a personal mission to find his son, a vampire; he turns to the one vampire he believes can help even as he as swallows his hatred over the entire species. Cvetelina Moldonova is a vampire who knows how much it costs Robert to ask her for help. But curious at the reaction she feels when she hears and sees him, she is determined to keep the fool man safe, even as he walks into trap after trap. Can she keep this pig headed man safe even as she falls for him? These two are great together. Robert is a strong moral man who believes in his version of the world-black and white, no gray- but with Cvetelina, he finds a world of gray that has him slowly believing that maybe he shouldn’t rush to paint all vampires with the same stick. There were some intriguing secondary characters that had me intrigued and I am hoping Ms. Kauffman comes back to them in future books. The writing was tight and fast paced, leaving the reader shifting in their seats, eager for more.

THE CLASH is a wonderful tale that will keep you glued to the edge of your seat as Robert recklessly runs into danger and finds a love worth fighting for. If you enjoy a highly erotic, action packed vampire book, then I suggest you grab this latest Guardian Realm story. I would recommend keeping your significant other close by to ease the tension afterwards.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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