Friday, September 10, 2010


Publisher: Mira
Date published: October 2010
ISBN: 9780778328209
Suspense, Historical Fiction
Ebook, Adobe Digital
Reviewed by Gina
Obtained via publisher

After months of enjoying each other while on their grand honeymoon, Nicholas Brisbane and spouse, Lady Julia, are tracked down by her sister Portia and brother, Plum. Portia’s long lost love, Jane, is not only about to give birth. Her husband of a rather short duration has met with an early death. Portia has never stopped loving Jane and despite Jane leaving her for Freddie Cavendish, she will do anything to be with the mother-to-be. Of note, Portia suspects Freddie had been murdered.

Unable to keep herself for a perspective investigation Julia is more than ready to venture to India with her brother and sister. No stranger to the darker side of human nature and unraveling mysteries, Nicholas is more than ready to accompany his bride and her family. Enroute, however, Julia and Nicholas’ marital bliss begins to fray a bit about the edges. He wants only to keep his wife safe. Intelligent and inquisitive, Julia refuses to become a pretty porcelain doll on a shelf. Upon their arrival they go their separate ways for a time. When Julia, Plum and Portia arrive at Jane’s new home, the Peacocks, they find more than an expectant mother.

With colorful characters at every turn, almost every one of them a possible suspect, Julia is determined to prove to Nicholas once and for all she is truly equal to being his partner in all aspects of his life. But is Nicholas ready to reveal all his secrets to her?

I enjoyed THE DARK ROAD TO DARJEELING simply because I enjoy reading anything Deanna Raybourn writes, even her venture into Transylvania in THE DEAD TRAVEL FAST even though I’m not a vampire fan. She has a unique voice and can a turn a phrase like no one else I’ve ever read. When the first pages of SILENT IN THE GRAVE first appeared I had the image of Robert Downey, Jr. easily playing Nicholas Brisbane. There is something so compelling about that character. I love the way Ms. Raybourn has him unravel the puzzles each new crime creates and Julia is such a delightfully perfect foil for him.

THE DARK ROAD TO DARJEELING has some marvelously colorful characters with Ms. Raybourn outdoing even herself. Her descriptions of the various locales the Brisbane/March family journey to make the reader feel as if he or she is traveling along with them.

As much as I enjoyed this latest addition of the Julie Grey Mysteries, I felt like something was missing. At times I felt like something stunning was just around the corner and was left feeling let down. I wasn’t sure what to make of Brisbane’s revelation regarding a certain gentleman who disappeared, hopefully to return in a later book. At first I was disappointed in the turn Jane’s life took, but Ms. Raybourn turned it around brilliantly. I mulled over different aspects of the story, trying to figure out why it didn't read as wonderfully as Ms. Raybourn’s earlier books. It seemed to boil down to the discord between Nicholas and Julia and their lack of connection to each other. Hopefully this was intentional with the plan to use this as part of the intrigue in a future book. That said, obviously by my 4 hearts I enjoyed this book and heartily encourage readers to pick up their copy as soon as possible. It is a do-not-miss for your reading enjoyment.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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