Tuesday, September 7, 2010

HAUNTED BY YOUR SOUL by Marguerite Labbe

Book 2 in the Triquetra Series
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Date published: September 2009
ISBN: 978-1-935192-73-2 (E-book)
978-1935192725 (Paperback)
M/M Paranormal
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained by Publisher

Jacob Corvin is a shattered man after losing his lover, Kristair, an ancient vampire. Months have passed and he still wallows in grief even knowing he still has Kristair’s heart inside him. Rage burns inside him and he keeps his emotions deep down inside, locked away until they explode. When the Syndicate comes back after Jacob, he has to figure out what to do without the one man he had grown to love.

HAUNTED BY YOUR SOUL takes place a few months after the end of MY HEART IS WITHIN YOU and it finds Jacob, lost, grieving and stuck in one place. He has no care except for football and with Kristair’s memories and heart inside him, it has him feeling like he is slowly going insane. When Kristair finally is able to reach out to his young lover, Jacob thinks it is all a dream and Kristair senses the torment that is eating Jacob alive inside. When the syndicate comes back, hell bent on taking what Kristair knew with them, Jacob has to work without the one man he had learned to trust and desire. Ms. Labbe delivers another spine tingling story that leaves you gasping for more at the very end. Twists and turns abound and you never know what will happen next when you flip the pages of this next story in the Triquetra series. Strong characters, a fast paced storyline and some twists even I didn’t see coming will leave you breathless.

HAUNTED BY YOUR SOUL has Jacob trying to live half a life after his love, Kristair succumbs to the madness that haunts all ancient vampires. No longer caring about anything but football, Jacob tries to deal with life even as he grieves silently holding all the emotions inside until they explode in a scene that left me with tears running down my face. It was so heartbreaking; it felt like I was living it alongside Jacob. Jacob is a character that was strong and knew where his life was headed especially when Kristair stole his heart and they fell in love. Now the syndicate isn’t done with him and he finds himself in a race against a group determined to have whatever knowledge Kristair left behind, no matter the cost. These two characters continue to keep getting stronger with each book in the series. Strong, multi-dimensional characters add to the depth of the storyline and deliver countless hours of reading pleasure. I loved the dynamics between Jacob and his friends as he tries to stop the wreck of a life from consuming him and trying to live up to the promises he made to himself when he lost Kristair.

HAUNTED BY YOUR SOUL is a strong, emotionally rich story that will transport you while reading it. It is one series that will leave a lasting impression upon you and eager to see if Jacob and Kristair will ever get their happily ever after. I love this author’s writing style and if you enjoy an emotionally rich series that has a sprinkling of supernatural, a dash of adventure and a romance that defies the gods, then grab the entire Triquetra series. Just remember to have a box of Kleenex next to you for those emotional moments.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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