Friday, September 17, 2010


An Iron Fey book #2
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Date published: August 2010
ISBN: 978-0-373-21013-8
Young Adult Fantasy
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained by Library

Meghan Chase is half Summer Faerie and Half Human. Caught in the Winter Kingdom, she is cut off from her family, friends, her magic and worse, Ash, the Winter Prince she fell in love with. Now the Scepter of the Seasons is stolen and chaos rules the kingdoms of Summer and Winter as war looms between them. What Meghan soon realizes is that the Iron Fey are back and determined even more so to rule Nevernever and wipe out the Summer and Winter kingdoms once and for all. Can Meghan escape the Winter Kingdom and find the Scepter of Seasons before it’s too late?

THE IRON DAUGHTER continues right after THE IRON KING left off and it is one madcap ride from start to finish. I started this in the afternoon and could not put it down. It was one wild ride that had me on the edge of my seat wondering if Meghan, Puck, Grim and all her allies would be successful in their hunt for the Scepter. Twists abound and the reader is drawn into a world where faeries are not all sweetness and light but deadly to humans as gremlins, goblins and other fantasy creatures come alive amid the pages. Ms. Kagawa delivers a story that will leave you spellbound till the very end and eager for more. This author is fast becoming my favorite to read in YA Fantasy.

Meghan Chase found out she is the daughter of the Summer King, Oberon and fell in love with the Winter Prince, Ash, in the first book, THE IRON KING. Now she tries to figure out how to make the fey believe that the Iron Fey are coming after them and not for tea either. Danger mounts as she tries to deal with heartbreak, chaos, power mad fey and more as the Iron Fey advance into Nevernever and steal the Scepter of the Seasons. Meaghan has a chance to retrieve it and save not just the Fey but also her human world as well. I really enjoyed Meaghan as a person in this series. She does have a few faults in my eyes (a little too whiny at times or refusing to listen to advice) but I chalked it up as being a teenager. It worked well in this latest installment and had Meaghan grow as a character nicely. The characters from the first book (Grim the cat, Ash, Puck) are back and helped move the story along nicely as well as introduce a host of new secondary characters that had me very intrigued about them. I hope they pop up in the future books.

Well rounded and enjoyable, the characters were the stars of the story as THE IRON DAUGHTER continued Meaghan’s story and the twist at the end had me gasping in surprise. If you haven’t picked this series up yet, what are you waiting for? Run-don’t walk-to grab THE IRON KING and THE IRON DAUGHTER and settle in for one pulse pounding ride from beginning to end. I do suggest reading THE IRON KING first as the events that took place there are the center of this story. I am eager to see what is next for Meaghan, Ash and the Fey in the next Iron Fey book, hopefully coming soon.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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