Wednesday, September 1, 2010

MELTING THE SLOPES by William Maltese, Jason Edding and Ethan Day

Publisher: Manlove Romance Press
Date published: December 2009
ISBN: 978-1608200849 (Paperback)
Contemporary M/M, Anthology
Trade Paperback
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained by Publisher

Three stories about winter, snow, fun and loads of romance by three of the hottest authors out there who deliver stories that will keep the reader entertained till the very end.

First up is Snow Ho by Ethan Day. Boone is up at a nice resort of Summit City, thinking he is getting away with his boyfriend of one year when he gets dumped and ends up spending a week of fun with Wade, a ski instructor there. What begins as a one night stand ends up becoming something much more.

I loved this story. It had me chuckling especially when Boone teased Wade and the budding romance between the two had me hoping they would make it in the end. The characters were well written, the story was interesting and the author had me longing to find my own ski instructor. Boone and Wade have really good chemistry and the interaction between the townsfolk’s and Boone had me chuckling at times. Very enjoyable and one I hope Mr. Day comes back to in the future.

Next was Bottoms Up by William Maltese. This is a story of emotions that spans over three years. Alain is an agent with the crown and he loathes the lengths he has to go to get information. When he finds himself falling for a man he has to investigate, Alain finds himself trying to decide if he should continue his job or walk away.

William Maltese’s Bottom's Up is one hot story that will continue the melting in this wonderful story of a man conflicted when he meets the man of his dreams. The sex scenes are scorching hot and the story moves along nicely.

Finally we got One Fire, One Ice by Jason Edding. Grant is back in town and dealing with the aftermath of his parent’s deaths. In love with his best friend Babhru for years, he tries to figure out a way to tell Babhru what he hopes his future will include-Babhru himself.

I love this author’s work and this story was no exception. Full of doubts, fears, desire and more, Mr. Edding delivers a highly romantic story of friendship that turns to love. The story moved a nice, even pace and kept me glued till the very end.

Overall, MELTING THE SLOPES is one hot anthology that will heat anyone’s night up-be it in the middle of a summer heat wave or a winter blizzard. There was a lot of humorous moments that left me chuckling as I flipped pages and with some intriguing characters, these three authors deliver something for everyone. If you haven’t picked up this anthology, then I suggest you run to grab it. It is the perfect way to be introduced into these three authors writing.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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