Monday, September 6, 2010


Shadow Keepers Series (Book 1)
Publisher: Bantam
Date Published: August 2010
ISBN: 978-0440245773
Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Romance
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed by Lil
Obtained via Author

Sara Constantine’s talent and success as a prosecuting attorney has brought her to the attention of the powers that be in Division 6. They know all about her but Sara and everyone who is not a member knows very little about this division. She is offered a fantastic and fantastical promotion for which she is thrilled and somewhat daunted. Her eyes are opened to the world of Shadow creatures, beings like vampires, demons, and weres. Then she discovers that it puts her diametrically opposed to Lucius Dragos.

They had met by a whimsy of fate just a few days ago and shared a phenomenal night of passion and connection. In such a short time, he had touched her heart as surely as he had held her in his arms.

Now, Sara is bound by her new position to bring the full force of the law upon Luke and the penalty for that which he has been accused is death.

Luke is a dark, edgy hero who nonetheless, holds honor in high regard. He is imperfect, ruthless with regard to those he disdains but oh so vulnerable and selfless to those he loves. Even amongst his own in the vampire world he is respected and feared. One quickly feels drawn to such a strong romantic figure and one could easily imagine the headiness of being the focus of his attention.

The heroine holds her own although hers are different strengths. She is smart, tenacious, and less ethically flexible than many characters we stumble upon in urban fantasy stories. It is fun to watch as she tries to adjust to her awareness of others.

Ms Beck has gifted readers with a fascinating story where our world and the preternatural one manage to be blended together seamlessly. Introduction to the politics of these new to us societies is complex and imaginative. Motivations for characters and groups of beings are described in such a way that one does not tend to question the reality of what unfolds from the pages of the book. Oh, and one should also mention the sizzling romance. It is that gripping of a read.

Looking for a darker romance to sink your teeth into? WHEN BLOOD CALLS, why don’t you answer?

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of the book.

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