Friday, October 15, 2010

BOUND TO A WARRIOR by Donna Fletcher

Book 1 in series
Publisher: Avon Books
Date published: August 2010
ISBN: 9780061934711
Historical Romance
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained by Publisher

A prophecy says that four Scotsmen will bring Scotland back to its rightful glory. This is the story of the first man, one who is running for his life.

Duncan MacAlpin is on the run, shackled to a woman, from an army. He took an oath to protect the future king of Scotland. He expects to be on the run just never, ever with a woman…or one as comely as Mercy. Mercy has secrets, is brave and she knows to survive, she will have to rely on the proud man she is shackled with, even though he is sexy and aggravating. Both are fleeing to the highlands and find themselves drawing closer together. Can Mercy trust Duncan with her secrets before the King’s men find them?

This is the first book in a series about four brothers sworn to protect the future king of Scotland. BOUND TO A WARRIOR is fast paced romance with a kick butt alpha male hero, a feisty heroine and action packed. I enjoyed the banter between Duncan and Mercy. They had me smiling one moment & then rooting for them to win over the evil guys. The best part was the slow revealing of Mercy’s secrets. There are some wonderfully strong scenes with Mercy hearing her mother’s admonitions in her head that had me guessing to what the secrets were she was keeping. The mystery that surrounds Mercy was perfectly told within the story. The writer delivers a nice blend of action-adventure, romance and mystery and it’s all wrapped with a bow in BOUND TO A WARRIOR.

Meet Duncan MacAlpine, a man firm in his convictions that he and his brothers must protect the future king of Scotland from who he considers not the true king of Scotland. On the run, shackled to a mysterious beauty, he finds himself falling for Mercy even as he dodges bullets and tries to figure out Mercy’s secrets. Mercy wants to be free but that is kind of hard when she is on the run from a king who wants her and with a man that draws her to his presence, though he can be quite aggravating. Mercy is a female heroine who starts meek and mild but eventually grows into her own, going toe to toe with Duncan that had me smiling at times. There were some intriguing secondary characters that I am hoping show up in future books. The storyline moved swiftly and you got a sense of all the characters, heart & soul.

BOUND TO A WARRIOR is a nice historical romance that draws the reader in and keeps them highly entertained till the very end. I am looking forward to the next book on the MacAlpine brothers and the feisty women who they fall for. If you’re in the mood for a good historical romance, then pick up Ms. Fletcher’s BOUND TO A WARRIOR. It will definitely deliver some great hours of reading entertainment.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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