Wednesday, November 3, 2010

STYX’S STORM by Lora Leigh

A Breeds Book
Publisher: Berkley Publishing
Date published: October 2010
ISBN: 978-0-425-23739-7
Mass Market Paperback
Paranormal Romance
Reviewed by Tammy
Obtained via: publisher

With more than twenty Breeds books out to-date, Lora Leigh still manages to keep them fresh and exciting and her latest, STYX’S STORM, a story of betrayal and a trust hard won, is no exception.

Storme Montague has been on the run from both the Breeds and the Council for years after she witnessed her father and brother slain by Council Breeds wanting her father’s research, a data chip that Storme has been entrusted with. Wolf Breed Styx has been given the assignment to bring Storme in and obtain the chip. But after Styx tricks Storme into trusting him, he knows gaining her trust back will not be an easy task.

Lora Leigh has penned another spellbinding and sensual Breed tale with STYX’S STORM. The heroine, Storme Montague, grew up in the sheltered existence of the Council labs where her father and brother worked. She saw the very worst of the Breeds there and when she was forced to flee the labs entrusted with a data chip as her family was slain by Breeds, she had no reason to trust the Breeds or the Council, both of whom will go to great lengths to get that chip from her. After years of running, she has a moment of weakness with Breed Wolf Styx and ends up being held in the Breed compound with Styx doing his absolute best to win back her trust and perhaps even her heart.

Storme is prejudiced against the Breeds and thinks of them all as violent animals. Getting past this prejudice is the theme of the book. Unlike other books where a mere kiss starts up the mating heat, in this courtship, the mating heat only appears in the most subtle ways and this causes some serious frustration for Styx and the Breed doctors. Leigh’s telling of Styx’s frustration when the mating heat doesn’t properly work was entertaining and a nice change in pace.

The other great thing about this book was the way that past characters were brought into the storyline in an integral fashion. Their stories weren’t just told and dropped. Each of her past character leads plays an important part in the ever growing Breed society and they are intertwined smoothly into the storyline.

Lora Leigh’s excellent writing skills keep the Breed books constantly evolving and a series not to be missed. Fans of paranormal romances with some heat are sure to enjoy Leigh’s latest Breed story, STYX’S STORM. This series just keeps getting better and better.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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