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Storm Lords Book 2
Publisher: Total E-bound
Date published: September 2010
ISBN: 978-0-85715-281-7 (Ebook)
978-0-85715-393-7 (Print)
E-book and in Print (Storm Lords Vol. 2)
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained by publisher

CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE! River Prince Marcus Storm doesn’t think he will ever find his mate on Earth. It’s a world with no magic and primitive in his thinking. But the evil that invaded his home land of Tanselm is on Earth and targets Marcus. Time is short, for if Marcus doesn’t find his bride then all is doomed-on Tamselm and for the Storm Lords themselves.

Tessa Sheridan cannot stand Marcus or so she says to herself. His conceit, arrogance and ego rub her the wrong way even as she lusts for his hard body. She hopes that one lucky woman will put Marcus in his place but she never anticipated it would be her. Problems begin to follow her and Marcus as the evil from Tanselm stalks both Marcus and Tessa, while on Earth, someone is determined to frame Tessa for a crime she didn’t commit. Can Marcus show Tessa that his love and passion is more than skin deep? Will they be able to beat the evil on both fronts and have their own happily ever after?

BENEATH THE SURFACE picks up where THE FIRE WITHIN left off and this time we have the arrogant and conceited River Prince, Marcus Storm, to deal with. He is absolutely charming, ruthless and casual in his conquests. He is a man you would love to drool over and spend a day in bed with but woe to you if you get on his bad side. This is an author who creates magic within each book she creates. Ms. Hart has captivating and complex characters, intriguing storylines and hot, explosive passion that fairly burns the computer down. I fell in love with the Storm Lords right from the first book, THE FIRE WITHING. Each Storm Lord wields an element and all are identical brothers. They are different and quite enjoyable once you get past the outer walls around their hearts. BENEATH THE SURFACE is a story that leaves you gasping for more.

Meet the River Prince, Marcus Storm. He can wield the water element and is despairing of finding his chosen mate in this world of no magic. Meeting Tessa Sheridan is a surprise and a pleasure to look at but she seems to be immune to his charms…or so he thinks. Sparks fly between the arrogant Marcus and the feisty Tessa and it boils over into a passion neither anticipates. Marcus and Tessa have to work together as the evil from Marcus’s home land, Tanselm, follows the Storm Lords to Earth. Can Marcus show Tessa that his love is pure and runs deep? Marcus is a man I would love to smack upside the head at his arrogance but then cuddle and soothe as well. He is a complex character whose ego hides vulnerabilities that he tries to keep from everyone, including himself. I loved Marcus and Tessa together. They had chemistry the moment they met and Tessa is the perfect heroine to keep Marcus in line. She is feisty, independent and determined to help Marcus and the Storm Lords deal with their enemy. The secondary characters are wonderful and kept the story moving smoothly with humor and mystery. I just bet family get-togethers with the Storm Lords is full of quips, humor and lots of love.

BENEATH THE SURFACE is a fast paced, passion filled story that will leave you breathless and eager for more. I am eager to see which Storm Lord is next in finding his destined bride. If you’re looking for a fun filled story with entertaining characters, tight writing and passion so hot, it melts the screen, then grab this series. It will surely heat those winter nights up perfectly.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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