Friday, December 3, 2010

SLAVE AUCTION by Stormy Glenn

Spaced out for Love, Book 1
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Date published: June 12th, 2010
ISBN: 978-0-9869818-3-8
M/M Sci-Fi/Futuristic
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained by self-purchase

CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE! Tyion went to sleep in his bed and the next thing he knew, he was naked, chained up and in a slave auction on another planet. Humans are considered inferior and only good as pets to the aliens. Being bought by a seven foot man leaves Tyion confused, scared and about to pass out. Dorothy, you are definitely not in Kansas anymore.

Pirate Captain Rojan Ja’Dar is a man who knows what he wants and takes it. He spies the human at an auction house and breaks all his own rules just to have him. Tyion is also his mate and Rojan has to convince the man that being his mate is more wonderful than being a pet. But danger stalks Rojan and Tyion and when it hits, can Rojan be able to keep Tyion safe from harm?

SLAVE AUCTION is an introduction to a new series from author Stormy Glenn. I have never read this author before, I know shame on me but man, and this was one wild ride from start to finish. Who knew there were werewolves in space? The reader is introduced to Rojan and Tyion as Rojan buys the man from an auction house. Stormy Glenn is a talented author who definitely knows how to write highly entertaining stories that keep the reader glued to the edge of their seat, eager to find out what happens next. SLAVE AUCTION has tight writing, intriguing characters and a storyline that leaves you breathless. What more can a reader want?

Meet Tyion, a man who went to sleep on Earth and wakes up in space, a slave at an auction house. Being bought by a seven foot alien was a shock……what else shocked Tyion was how he felt whenever he was around Rojan. Rojan is a pirate who happened to be dropping cargo off when he spied Tyion on the auction block. He wanted this human with a passion that shocked even him. Rojan and Tyion will have to learn to trust one another even as they find themselves hunted for someone else is determined to have Tyion besides Rojan. Someone, who won’t stop until he possesses Tyion completely. I loved these two together. Rojan is a strong, alpha hero, one who isn’t afraid to take what he wants and what he wants is Tyion. Humans have no rights as Tyion finds out waking to see a black skinned giant murmuring in his ears and telling him he is now a pet. Tyion had strength inside him even as he struggled to adjust to his new home. Falling for Rojan was not in the cards until both find love is hard to resist. Some wonderful secondary characters kept the story flowing smoothly and all were wonderfully descriptive and multi-dimensional. The sex scenes are graphic, sexy and enhance the storyline instead of taking over.

SLAVE AUCTION is one hot, wild space ride till the very end. The climatic ending leaves the reader eager for more and I know I am not the only one asking if we have a long wait for book two. I have a new favorite author to explore who I was thrilled to see have a huge back list of titles to enjoy. If you enjoy hot space love between a Master and his pet, then grab the first book in a far out new series called SLAVE AUCTION.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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Stormy Glenn said...

Thanks for the wonderful review. Glad you enjoyed my new world. This was a "Yahoo Brainstorm Project" with my yahoo group and we had a lot of fun with it. The 2nd book in the series has been started.