Tuesday, January 18, 2011


A-Tac Series #3
Publishing: Grand Central Publishing
Date published: August 2010
ISBN-12: 978-0-446-54202-9
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed by Tammy
Obtained via publisher

The third book in Dee Davis’ A-Tac series, DESPERATE DEEDS, is an energetic and gripping tale of suspense and romance that keeps readers guessing until the very last minute.

Tyler Hanson is a demolitions expert for a black-ops CIA unit that operates under the guise of Ivy League faculty. While guarding the transport of some newly developed nuclear triggers, the transport is hijacked and her team is killed with the exception of her. She is left for dead. During the investigation, she meets British operative Owen Wakefield and seduces him into a one-night stand. But then Owen is brought into A-Tac to uncover their mole and despite Tyler’s efforts to keep distance between them, she finds herself falling for him.

All of Dee Davis’ A-Tac novels have been exciting, fast-paced romantic suspenses filled with twists and turns and misdirection and certainly DESPERATE DEEDS is no exception. The story starts out with a high-action scene and the pace never seems to let up. The characters, both major and minor, are all multifaceted and interesting with secrets aplenty. The romance is secondary to the suspense in this story more than the prior two, but it seems to be exactly the impetus needed for readers to want to see Tyler and Owen get their happily ever after. But most importantly, you will never guess who the A-Tac mole is until he or she is revealed. Dee Davis is an excellent storyteller who really knows what her audience wants and is able to deliver in spades.

Those readers that really enjoy fast-paced and suspenseful military romances are certain to enjoy the third book in talented author Dee Davis’ A-Tac series, DESPERATE DEEDS. Pick up all three electrifying books at a bookstore near you now.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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