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THE OTHER SIDE by J. D. Robb, Mary Blayney, Patricia Gaffney, Ruth Ryan Langan and Mary Kay McComas

Publisher: Berkley Jove
Date published: November 30th, 2010
ISBN: 978-0515148671
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained by Publisher

Five stories from some of the best authors out there who create stories that where even death doesn’t stop love from reaching out to those they love…..from THE OTHER SIDE.

J.D. Robb delivers a spine tingling story of one ghost’s desire to get vengeance and Eve has to find a way to bring a murderer to justice while dealing with ghosts and the power of love in Possesion in Death.

I hate to admit but this was the crown jewel of the entire series. Each time I read one of the In Death books, I am in complete heaven and this story is no exception. This takes place after the end of Indulgence In Death and delivers a satisfying ending to the previous book. Tight writing, fast paced storyline and a slight paranormal edge, Ms. Robbs delivers one of her best short novellas set in the In Death universe. This is one story I would love to see again in the future storylines for the series.

Mary Blayney’s story, The Other Side of the Coin, delivers a story of a couple who are about to literally walk in the other’s shoes when their spirits are switched by a wish over a magical coin.

I enjoyed this story by Ms. Blayney. It had an intriguing twist and had me rooting for the Earl and his Countess to find a way to break the wish they made. The writing was tight, there was some humor in spots that had me giggling and the fast paced storyline took me away to a place gone by. I definitely will be checking this author’s backlist out to see if there are a few more books of hers to enjoy.

Patricia Gaffney’s The Dancing Ghost has a woman working with a paranormal investigator to get rid of her ancestral house of ghosts and finds a way to love instead.

This was one of the weaker stories in my opinion. There were a few stops and starts within the story and it didn’t quite engage my imagination as the first two stories did. I felt there wasn’t enough chemistry between the two main characters to warrant me being invested in them. The author did an admirable job but fell a little short in capturing my interest in her story.

Ruth Ryan Langan’s Almost Heaven delivers the reader to a couple who lost their lives in an accident but now struggle to stay around for their daughter’s sake as they try to stop her from being with the wrong man.

I enjoyed the writing in this story and though the story felt a little like it should be a longer novel rather than a novella, the author captures the sense of her main characters and delivers a poignant story of parents trying to stop their daughter from doing something that they feel is not in her best interest though from the other side, of course. The writing flowed nicely and the author did a great job in creating a story that had heart and soul. This was one of my favorites in the anthology by far.

Mary Kay McComas delivers Never Too Late for Love when a no-nonsense woman finds her deceased mother and aunt haunting her as they try to get her to find whatever they lost so they can rest in peace.

I found this last story to be comical and a great way to end the anthology. Full of intriguing well rounded characters, a fast paced storyline and some hilarious parts that had me smiling in joy. This is an author I haven’t read before and I am eager to see what her back list titles have to offer.

What I loved about this anthology is that each story is the author’s spin on the other side of death & the magic of love. Each story was just different enough to give the reader a few different genres to enjoy within the pages of THE OTHER SIDE. If you want to enjoy a short novella to take you places then grab THE OTHER SIDE and settle in for a night of paranormal fun amid the many genres that span this anthology.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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