Friday, February 25, 2011

COLD SIGHT by Leslie Parrish

eXtrasensory Agent series, Book 1
Publisher: Signet Books,
Date Published: July 2010
ISBN: 9780451230744
Paranormal Romantic Suspense
Mass Market Paperback
Obtained via publisher
Reviewed by Tammy

Leslie Parrish is off to a powerful start in her new eXtrasensory Agent series of paranormal romantic suspense books with COLD SIGHT, a tale of death, corruption and a sleepy Southern town’s dirty little secret.

Discredited reporter Lexie Nolan is pleasantly shocked and equally determined, when she is given a second chance to uncover a serial killer after another young woman goes missing in the sleepy town of Savannah Georgia. Her editor points her in the direction of semi-retired psychic detective, Aidan McConnell for help with the investigation. Aiden moved to Savannah to lick his wounds after a botched investigation he was involved in, which led to a child dying. So it is understandable that he is more than a little reluctant to help a “lying, manipulative media cockroach” (as he describes all reporters). To his surprise, Aiden finds himself partnering with Lexie as they uncover corruption, deceit and the town secret no one will speak of, in their quest to catch a serial killer before his latest victim shows up dead.

Leslie Parrish has branched into the paranormal with her new eXtrasensory Agent series of books and if the first book, COLD SIGHT, is any indication, this series will prove to be as popular as her successful “Black CATs” suspense books. Parrish really knows how to build suspense. In COLD SIGHT, the story starts out with a shock, pulls back for a little interesting storytelling, and then slowly picks up speed as the intensity builds and the story’s secrets are unveiled.

Lexie is a determined and talented investigative reporter. Recent setbacks had her questioning her abilities, until her editor offers her another chance at the story that went wrong. As eager as Lexie is, Aiden is reluctant to jump back into the fire after being so recently burned himself. These two prove that opposites do attract and can indeed work well together. Although Lexie is not a believer in psychics, she knows that Aiden is an excellent investigator. When he explains that his psychic abilities enhance strong investigative skills and that he doesn’t simply rely entirely on his gift, Lexie learns to trust and rely on the sexy and intriguing psychic. As enticing as their romance becomes, it never overshadows the suspense in the story and perhaps, that is the real reason this reader so enjoyed this dark and dangerous tale.

Leslie Parrish’s COLD SIGHT is excellent storytelling, intriguing characters and elements of evil that will captivate any paranormal suspense fan.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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