Thursday, February 10, 2011

DAY OF THE DRAGON by Rebecca York

Publisher: Berkley Publishing
Date published: December 2010
ISBN 9780425238189
Paranormal Romance
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed by Tammy
Obtained via publisher

Rebecca York’s DAY OF THE DRAGON is a romantic adventure with a paranormal twist.

Ramsey Gallagher is a dragon shifter who lost the ability to shift along with most of his psychic abilities when he defeated his evil twin from another dimension in battle. For years, he has been searching for his origins. Dr. Madison Dartmoor is in Las Vegas to present the findings from an archaeological dig she is undertaking in Italy, coincidentally in an area very close to where Ramsey was found wandering as a child. Ramsey’s search for his heritage brings him to Madison’s conference only to find that an attack at her dig site has forced Madison to cancel her presentation. Not one to give up, he follows Madison and ends up saving her from an apparent kidnapping. It seems that Ramsey isn’t the only one interested in the good doctor and her findings.

Rebecca York’s DAY OF THE DRAGON is a lightning fast paced paranormal romance with a good amount of action and adventure spread across Italy, Peru and the US. The characters are all multidimensional and intriguing. Madison was orphaned as a young child and has grown under the tutelage of her rich mentor and father-figure into a renowned archeologist. Ramsey seems like a little boy lost when he finds himself unable to shift to his dragon form and get the full use of psychic abilities. Yet, there is a solid sense of strength to him that attracts Madison and even though it should have seemed odd for her to go off with a man who is practically a stranger, it doesn’t. Even the lesser characters, Madison’s mentor, her assistant and the lead villain, are all well developed and draw reader’s interest. The archeological information as well as the history given in the story are well laid out and add a certain depth to the story.

The only real problem area of this book for this reader came at the end, after some of Ramsey’s problems are resolved and Madison becomes aware of the full extent of Ramsey’s truths. For such shocking things to be thrown at her like they were, she seems oddly accepting. Of course, she had been aware that Ramsey had some unusual psychic gifts, so perhaps the rest of the package isn’t as hard to believe as it could have been.

When all is said and done however, Rebecca York is a fascinating storyteller that really knows how to draw her readers into her stories and DAY OF THE DRAGON is no exception. Fans of romantic adventure with a paranormal twist are sure to enjoy this easy and intriguing read.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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