Thursday, March 24, 2011


NeoDruids, Book 1
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Date published: October 2010
ISBN: 978-1-920468-30-9
Paranormal, Alternate World
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained by Author

Mitch Walker has just become a new member of The Order. Receiving two very special gifts after being inducted has him confused and stressed, especially as the power of forethought leaves him reeling in visions he can’t figure out. Struggling to figure how to work his gifts, he also finds himself desiring his co-worker, Jill. With the confused feelings and the visions, Mitch is slowly feeling like he is going nuts until he has a vision that leaves him scared and afraid. A serial killer is on the loose and dark magic is at the core of the kills. Can Mitch and his fellow Druids find a way to stop this madman before the dark ritual is complete with one last murder?

DRUIDS DAWNING is an interesting and sexy tale that will have the reader squirming in their seat. Lark LaTroy is one talented author who completely captivated me with this introduction into the NeoDruids world. The writing was tight and the characters were quite life-like. Lark LaTroy has a unique voice that had me completely glued to the edge of my seat as I flipped the pages of DRUIDS DAWNING. I do have to say there are some really sexy scenes that may not appeal to everyone.

Meet Mitch…he finally achieves his dream of becoming a Druid and being initiated into The Order. He just never anticipated the gifts the goddess would bestow on him or the evil that he has to stop or the world will go down in flames. What I enjoyed about Mitch was he felt like a real person to me. He had vulnerabilities, confusion and all the fun stuff humans deal with and add in mystical powers that do not come with a guidebook; well you have got the makings of a strong hero or a whiny hero. Safe to say, Mitch is a strong hero-one I found quite likable, in fact. He had flaws but they were told in such a way that the reader felt sympathetic to him instead of turned off. There were some great secondary characters that had me quite intrigued and eager to see if they pop up in future books. The sexual tension between Jill and Mitch was pure combustion. I was amazed the computer screen didn’t blow up from all the sparks these two ignited.

DRUIDS DAWNING is an enjoyable book that will keep you highly entertained on a lazy weekend afternoon. The author really takes the reader on a journey of magic, good vs. evil battle and a mystery that will engulf you until the very end. The twist at the end had me going “OH MY GOD!” and I found the book to be highly entertaining. Lark LaTroy is now on my “to be read” list for future books. If you are looking for a fresh take on Druids, then grab this highly addicting first book in the NeoDruids Series. Now I am hoping the author doesn’t leave us left wanting for more NeoDruids.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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Lark LaTroy said...

Thank you very much for the kind words, Dawn. And you need not worry, the Druids will be back on April 23rd with their next adventure, "Here Be Dragons".