Friday, March 18, 2011


Queens of Mareb, book 1
Publisher: Changeling Press
Date published: December 2nd, 2010
ISBN: 978-1-60521-565-5
Paranormal, Werewolf
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained by Publisher

CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE! On Mareb, the women are the rulers while the men are the ones who have magic. It used to be perfect until some men got fed up and revolted. Now that Temair has found her four consorts, Nuriel is forced to find her own consorts especially after the attack on the elemental continent that left her afraid and a shell of her once playful self. This journey is one Nuriel doesn’t want but accepts as she finds herself drawn to the wolf lord, Ze’ev.

Ze’ev is just as wounded in spirit and self yet when he looks at Nuriel, he feels tenderness and protective instincts arise as he tries to resist the temptation that is Nuriel. Can he find a way to keep her safe and stop resisting the love that is growing between these two wounded souls?

NURIEL’S WOLF is the next chapter in the Queens of Mareb series by the talented Violet Summers. I loved the first five books detailing Temair’s journey to find her consorts and now it is her foster sister, Nuriel’s turn. I fell in love with this series from the beginning and love that we now get to see another of the princesses finding their mates especially in the aftermath of Nuriel’s terror and abduction by the rebels. It will take a strong man to get past the fears she holds and it will take a strong woman to love the Wolf Lord. Author Violet Summers doesn’t let up on the action as she takes the reader on a delightful journey of acceptance, love and healing. With each page, I was drawn into the web that this author spun and the characters had me enthralled till the very end.

The reader is thrust into a story full of captivating characters and hot sexy heroes that gets your pulse pounding. Violet Summers definitely delivers with her complex characters and I, for one, am eager to see more of them. We get some new characters this time that left me in suspense and intrigued plus a few friends from the past books show up to my enjoyment. If you are looking for a hot, sexy tale, then I highly recommend the Queens of Mareb series. I do suggest you read from the beginning in order to understand what has happened to Nuriel. I cannot wait to see what happens next on the world of Mareb and specifically, for Nuriel as she goes on her quest for her consorts.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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VJ Summers said...

Thanks so much for the awesome review, Dawn! Sierra and I are thrilled you like our world! We're waiting for edits on book "5 1/2", which gives a peek of Nuriel and Ze'ev on their journey to the Feline Lands, and we're just starting work on book six, Nuriel's Cougar. We hope you enjoy those just as much!