Saturday, April 23, 2011

MICAH by Joyee Flynn

Marius Brothers, Book 1
Publisher Siren-Bookstrand
Date published August 2010 (E-book)/November 2nd, 2010 (Print)
ISBN: 978-1606018965
M/M Paranormal/Vampires
E-book and Print
Obtained via Self-purchase
Reviewed by Dawn

Micah Marius is part of a vampire warrior family and is the fourth child of seven brothers. Fighting against demons, Micah fights hard, to the death at times and is tired of being the warrior all the time. He longs for his own mate and is surprised when his fated mate is the vampire doctor, Riley. Riley is so different from anyone else Micah has known and it draws this tough warrior to his side. Can Micah and Riley find a way to live happily ever after even as demons come after them and Micah’s family get involved?

I’ve got to admit, Joyee Flynn is a new to me author and I was a little hesitant to open this one. It sounded a little like another vampire series that is really popular right now but after I started reading, I was hooked. MICAH is pure combustion and action from the beginning. I loved how Micah was a tough man…err vampire who tried to not let his soft tender side come out. But man when he met Riley, whoa…sparks flew and I swore my computer was going to combust from those two. Ms. Flynn delivers a good introduction into her Marius brothers’ series and does an admirable job, in creating such intriguing characters that I wanted to know more about them while I was reading MICAH.

Meet Micah Marius, the fourth brother in a family of seven brothers and a warrior of some renown. He is determined to gain the respect of the other warriors, including his brothers, by his deeds instead of what his last name is. I loved Micah. He was a strong alpha hero with that soft gooey center that I love in a hero and in a man. He was complex yet he showed a tender side when he was with Riley. When these two were together, you could see Micah shedding that tough guy to be the tender softie he is. It had me going “awe” several times and rooting for these two to get their own, happily ever after. There were several wonderful secondary characters that had me wondering if they would find their mate. Though Ms. Flynn doesn’t go into Micah’s back-story as much as I would have liked, she does a great job in giving us glimpses that had me glued to the pages to see what would happen next. The sex scenes are tastefully written, don’t overwhelm the story and deliver just enough heat to keep the computer smoking at times.

MICAH is a wonderful and intriguing introduction to a family of warrior vampires that will make your heart pound and you eager to read the next book. I am looking forward to seeing if Micah’s brothers find their mate and maybe revisit with Micah and his mate, Riley in the future. If you are looking for a sexy, intriguing tale to spend an afternoon with, I highly recommend MICAH by Ms. Flynn. I can’t wait to see what else this promising author has in her backlist.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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