Tuesday, April 5, 2011

THEN HE KISSED ME by Christie Ridgway

Publisher: Berkley
Date published: January 2011
ISBN: 978-0425239179
Contemporary romance
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed by Valerie
Obtained by publisher

The Tanti Baci winery has been in the family for generations but now it’s in trouble. To save the winery, the three Baci sisters have the great idea to turn it into the perfect setting for weddings. Stevie Baci has her own business…the Napa Princess Limousine…where she chauffeurs people about. Now her ex-boyfriend and his real princess fiancĂ© are planning their wedding at the winery and Stevie has to organize it. Add into the equation the princess’ brother, Jack, a real alpha male and things get interesting. Especially when Jack and Stevie are caught in a somewhat compromising situation and Jack announces that they are engaged! Jack has always enjoyed his life of wine, women and song, but when he meets Stevie she drives him crazy, and not always in a bad way.

I think that you can see from my rating that I wasn’t really over excited by this story. It was an ok read. There were certainly lots of witty and snappy dialogue between Stevie and Jack, and some heated moments too. There were also some interesting secondary characters as well. I got a bit lost sometimes as the story hopped around a bit. I also felt the story was a bit flat, because it certainly sagged in the middle. Of course, it’s fun reading how people find their true love, but I missed some excitement…something to hook me and get me turning the pages. What I felt was when is this going to end?

I know readers who are big fans of contemporary romance will enjoy this one. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t for me.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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