Monday, May 2, 2011


Publisher: Changeling Press
Date published: February 4th, 2010
ISBN: 978-1-60521-392-7
Paranormal, Dark Fantasy, Action Adventure, Ménage
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained by Publisher

CLICKE HERE TO PURCHASE! Tiger shifters Mya and David are newlyweds and have a big problem. When Mya gets aroused, it isn’t her tiger that comes out to play but something much darker and hungrier. Needless to say, they are unable to consummate their mating in any way. Mya and David are determined to end this curse on Mya so they come to the Last Call European bar for a special drink, one that will have a demon help them end the curse so they can finally consummate their mating.

Last Call Europe is a special bar for paranormals, a place where they hang out, relax and if the case warrants specialty drinks that will deliver countless pleasure. I love this series and each story is unique in itself. Belinda McBride delivers a story about three people who find a passion so all consuming, it will literally change their lives. I loved the dynamics between Mya, David and demon Jedidiah Wormwood Worth. They felt like they would step off the pages and into your living room. Ms. McBride does a marvelous job in creating characters that fairly brim with life and keeping the simmering sexual tension between the three on smoldering.

DEVIL’S ADVOCATE introduces the tiger shifter couple, Mya and David. They have a problem that has hampered them from finally consummating their mating-Mya has a curse that comes out when she gets aroused. So, as a last ditch effort, they come to Last Call Europe bar to find a demon to help them. I loved Mya and David together. You could feel their frustration and longing for a solution as keenly as you read DEVIL’S ADVOCATE. Jedidiah was a demon of some importance and though he loved his day job, he also craved the downtime he had in the human world. The three together are pure combustion. Jedidah is a sexy, old world type of demon who fits perfectly with Mya and David. Lust simmers between the three and man do I have to admit, those scenes are hot, hot, hot. I suggest keeping an ice bucket nearby to cool things off while reading this one. DEVIL’S ADVOCATE is a wonderful addition to the Last Call Europe series and one I plan to read again…this time with my honey nearby to help ease that tension.

Belinda McBride is a talented author who delivers hours of reading pleasure in DEVIL’S ADVOCATE. If you’re looking for a hot story to heat up your afternoon, then I suggest reading this one. I do have to mention that it does have scenes of bondage that may not appeal to everyone. I am hoping Ms. McBride comes back to this world and the characters of DEVIL’S ADVOCATE.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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