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Book 5 in Love Means… Series
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Date published: December 27th, 2010
IBSN: 978-1-61581-710-8
Contemporary GBLT
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained by Publisher

Raine Baumer is the consummate party guy in Chicago and indulging in relationships that were big on sex and less on the emotional aspects, Raine feels his life is fine just the way it is until danger strikes and he is attacked in an apparent hate crime. Taken to the farm by his friend Geoff to heal, Raine finds himself longing for what his friends have-a committed relationship with someone who loves you, warts and all. When he meets Eli’s brother Jonah, he finds a young man who stirs things inside him and as they get close, the sparks fly between them but both have to face what they fear the most in order to get their heart’s desires.

I love this sweet series of two people finding love amid the farm and overcoming personal obstacles to get to their happy ending. Mr. Grey finally delves into Raine’s story and I was thrilled to see him get his happy ending. The complex storyline, heart- warming love story between Raine and Jonah and the fears they have to overcome leaves the reader with a self satisfied smile when they turn the last page. A talented author, Mr. Grey delivers character driven stories that will steal your heart and leave you breathless. I have to admit, this author is one of my favorite GBLT authors out there and when I need a heartwarming tale to enjoy, I pick up one of his books to enjoy.

Raine Baumer is a man who loves his relationships with little emotional aspects and lots of hot sweaty sex. He has good friends, a job he loves and so what if he wishes he had a partner to come home to, he is satisfied with his life, right? Well he was until a gay bashing attack left him severely injured and frightened for his life. His good friends Geoff and Eli take him to the farm and as he recuperates, he finds a man who stirs his emotions and heart. I loved Raine in the past books. He always made me smile with his quips and though this story had a heavier theme (gay bashing/hate crimes), it worked well to deliver a man who must face his fears before he could get his heart’s desires-namely Jonah. Jonah is Eli’s brother, who is taking the time to see what he desires the most before going back to his family and the Amish community. What he doesn’t anticipate is finding Raine, broken, scared and Jonah is scared of his new feelings for this man. Can Jonah face his fears and decide if Raine is the man he wants or will he go back to the community? Mr. Grey has a knack in creating characters with vulnerabilities and flaws that resonate with the reader. Who hasn’t ever been afraid of something-be it a new job, moving, or taking that risk in a new relationship? Raine and Jonah are no exception. It was lovely to see the familiar characters from past books pop in and help keep the story moving along and the sparks flared softly into a romance that had me rooting for both these wonderful people to get what they desired-namely one another. There were a few new secondary characters that were introduced that had me wondering if they will pop up in future farm books.

LOVE MEANS…NO FEAR is a wonderful story full of sweet romance, captivating characters and a story that leaves a smile on your face in the end. I highly recommend the entire Farm series if you are looking for a character driven story to enjoy on a cold winter’s night. Mr. Grey has another winner here and one that will have me reading the series again soon. I highly recommend you run, don’t walk, to grab the newest book from this marvelous author and settle in for an afternoon of being swept away to a magical place where love flourishes and grows. Kudos to Andrew Grey for creating fresh tales to tell in his series that has his readers salivating for the next book; I just hope he doesn’t leave us hanging too long for the next tale in this wonderful series.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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