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Sequel to Sorcerer’s Lover
Publisher: Amber Quill Allure
Date published: October 18th, 2009
ISBN: 978-1-60272-537-9
Historical/Fantasy/Gay (M/M)/Magic/Series
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained by Publisher

For the Sorcerer Warin, the few months he had with his royal captive, illegitimate prince Benedict, was pure heaven. He never anticipated falling in love with Benedict or the fact that the royal family would keep them apart…forever if the royal family had anything to say about it. Warin is now on the run, trying to keep ahead of the royal guards after him and Benedict is trying to escape the confines of the castle along with his well meaning family to get back to Warin. When a chance for freedom lands in their lap, can Warin and Benedict leave for their new life or fight for Benedict’s brother, the new king Henry?

SORCERER’S LOVER II starts out a few months after the lover’s ill fated escape and Benedict is now under protective custody in accordance to his brother’s wish. Secret meetings are all that keep Warin and Benedict sane even as they try to figure out a way to escape together. I love Shawn Lane’s books and even though this is a shorter novella, the chemistry we felt in the first book, SORCERER'S LOVER, is evident especially as we go along for the ride as Warin tries to free Benedict. The writing is tight, the characters are well written and the action is fast paced. The sex scenes sizzle as you feel the tenderness and love between Warin and Benedict. I loved how both main characters tried to figure out how to have their own happily ever after. Benedict wasn’t waiting around to be rescued; he was actively taking part in planning an escape.

We met Warin, the sorcerer, in SORCERER'S LOVER . He is charming, a bit more worldly and more experienced in love. He loves Benedict and is determined to help him escape, even if that means he will forever be on the run, looking over his shoulder for the authorities. I love the connection between Warin and Benedict. You could tell they both cared about the other and the sexual tension between the two could be cut with a knife at times; it was that smoldering hot. We got to meet Benedict’s legitimate brothers and I loved the family dynamics between the three brothers. Each was a tad different from the other and you could tell there were undercurrents at times between them. The secondary characters moved the story along nicely as well.

SORCERER’S LOVER II is a well written tale of love, passion and the desire for a life together regardless of what others may think. Ms. Lane is a talented author who delivers well written stories that will steal your heart. With each story I pick up from this author, I am pulled further and further into her web, eagerly awaiting the next book. I do recommend reading the first book, SORCERER'S LOVER, in order to understand some events mentioned in this story. I look forward to whatever else this author conjures up in the future.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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