Wednesday, May 11, 2011

SPELLWEAVER by Lynn Kurland

Novel of the Nine Kingdoms
Publisher: Berkley Trade
Date published: January 2011
ISBN: 978-0425238639
Fantasy romance
Reviewed by Valerie
Obtained by publisher

Ruithneadh of Ceangail has managed to hide away, to live a pretty quiet life and has blissfully ignored the magic than runs through him.

Sarah of Doire doesn’t want anything to do with mages and magic. She has had enough and doesn’t want any more to do with the type of trouble they cause. She would like to live in a nice little cottage, live from her weaving and not have a care in the world.

But these two unlikely people have been thrown together. They have enemies on their trail and a great task. They both need each other and the gifts they both possess. They both need to face their pasts, their destinies and delve deep into their heritages. Most important of all, at least to Ruith, is to prove he loves Sarah beyond anything else. If this stubborn girl would believe him, he feels he could fell mountains!

Oh what a wonderful book. Now I have some books from Lynn Kurland on my shelf and I need to see if any of them are novels from the Nine Kingdom books…oh I do hope so or else I will have to go out and get whatever I am missing. I loved this one. I love fantasy, I love romance and Ms Kurland mixes the two like a master. Her characters leap from the pages. The setting and magic and all those mystical things she incorporates into her story’s are believable. And as most true high-fantasy stories, there are quite a few of those unpronounceable words! The dialogue is wonderful. Ms. Kurland really knows how to give you a good picture of her characters through the words they speak and their actions whilst doing so.

Ruith and Sarah are great together. She really keeps him on his toes and he is hard-pressed keeping her safe. Ruith seemed like a real hunky hero and I sometimes wondered how Sarah could keep him at bay so long! But she has her reasons as you will discover. The plot is fast paced and is never boring. This a story full of adventure, intrigue, secrets and love. It’s a sweet romance with quite a few obstacles. Still, Ms. Kurland, if you are reading this…I WANT MORE!!!

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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