Friday, June 17, 2011


Publisher: Purple Sword Publications
Date published: March 17th, 2011
ISBN: 978-1-936165-84-1
Contemporary M/M
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained by Self-Purchase

Charlie Baker is trying to live his life after a deadly fire almost killed him, set by none other than his boyfriend and his lover. In a blink of an eye, the life he thought he had was changed forever. Alone on the coast of Texas, he doesn’t need pity nor does he want anyone around him. That is until one day on the beach, a chance meeting with a dog and his owner, will pull Charlie back into the land of the living. Will Charlie let Greg and his dog Samson bring him back to life and see that maybe life is what you make of it?

Gregory Anders wasn’t anticipating meeting Charlie, making friends or anything. He worked, walked Samson and missed his friends and family in California. Making a friend in Charlie was a bonus he never anticipated. Greg finds that his feelings for Charlie deepen past friendship into a world where he has no idea what to do. Can Greg find a way to make Charlie see that love with friendship is one you need to grasp with both hands and take on a risk?

Diana DiRicci is a talented writer and one I absolutely adore. THE CHARLIE FACTOR is one of those feel good stories that leaves you with a smile at the end. The writing is tight, the story flowed smoothly and the characters are multi-dimensional. What I loved about this book was the characters. They were life like, enjoyable and relatable. The main character Charlie is a man who is afraid to live life again so he hides away from everyone, seemingly alone in the world and that is just the way he likes it. Meeting Greg and his dog Samson was not on his to do list that day at the beach either. The characters fairly brim with life, so much so they fairly leap off the pages and into your living room. I could really see being friends with them in real life. The sex scenes sizzle at times and at other times were so sweetly romantic; I almost melted in a puddle of goo. This is an author who knows her characters and gets inside their vulnerabilities, their heart and shows the reader their soul.

Charlie & Greg struck a nerve with me. Charlie is hiding-from himself, his future, from life in general. Mourning the life he used to have and thinking no one could ever like him, he is stunned to find this handsome man offering friendship. Greg is seemingly straight and that makes Charlie safe...until he falls for the man and then watch out.....misunderstandings, miscommunications and emotions come into play that leave the reader rooting for Charlie and Greg to work their issues out. Both characters have issues and this author does a great job in communicating them to the reader within the pages of THE CHARLIE FACTOR. There were some wonderful secondary characters that had me giggling over and I am anxious to see if they will get their own story in the future.

Diana DiRicci does a great job in conveying both main characters issues amid the pages of THE CHARLIE FACTOR who takes the topic of a gay man falling for a straight man and breathing new life into it. I loved how Greg woos Charlie and from there two people find a love worth fighting for…if they can get through their issues of course. The story flows nicely, the writing captures the emotions the main characters experience and the reader finds themselves rooting for them to get their happily ever after. If you are looking for the perfect beach read, then THE CHARLIE FACTOR is one you might enjoy. I am eager to see what else this author has in store for her readers in the future.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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