Tuesday, June 28, 2011


McFey Treasures Book II
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Date Published: June 1, 2011
ISBN: 1-60154-911-3
Paranormal (Fantasy/Futuristic)
Reviewed by Lynne
Obtained via publisher.

SIREN’S SERENADE by Sheila Raye is a book not to be missed by anyone who enjoys romance novels.

Nissa, of the Mer clan, has a mission. To lose her mermaid’s tail and sprout legs in order to call forth and enchant a human male, a gnome, through her siren’s song. To conceive a child, a mer pup, so she can join the matrons of her species. If she fails to enchant her mate, she will die. To make things more difficult for her, she was abandoned at birth by her mother, a siren who neglected to leave her pup with the song all sirens bequeath to their pups to help guide them through their lives.

When Peter McFey, a treasure seeker, sails his boat too close to the magical island of the sirens, both he and his brother, John, find themselves unable to resist their songs as they entice them. Clambering to shore, they find themselves quickly ensnared by the captivating beauty and songs of the sirens awaiting them.

John is immediately enchanted by the siren who has chosen him, and loses conscious memory of his former human life. Peter, meanwhile, falls helpless to the wiles of Nissa, who hopes to enchant him with her song. She chooses him as her mate, only to fail at the enchantment.

To rescue John from the mindless future his siren has in store for him, Peter and Nissa are soon sent back to the human world in order to locate Poseidon’s trident, which holds the key to unlocking the enchantment and freeing John. Once there, only then do Peter and Nissa discover their true feelings for one another and the secret of Nissa’s true heritage.

With the help of Peter’s family, Nissa is able to restore the trident to the sirens and return to the undersea world she loves. Willing to free her to her former life, Peter decides to release her to the fates, choosing instead to live without his beloved siren, despite his heartfelt pain at losing her forever.

As a newbie to this author’s work, I found Sheila Raye’s treasure series, SIREN’S SERENADE an exceptional read. Her words flow smoothly and with ease. And there are brilliant descriptions of mythical creatures from history, as well as life in the ocean, and the nautical world of boating and treasure hunting. Ms. Raye truly did her homework when researching for this wonderful romantic tale of beauty and her beast. Her knowledge of boating gave a unique feel to the story line.

Also, Ms. Raye skillfully wove a suspenseful plot that kept me riveted. The tale even surprised me by evoking a treasure trove of emotions that brought tears to my eyes. I was able to feel and relate to everything the main characters, Nissa and Peter, were experiencing as they struggled with the conflict of having to choose between living in two different worlds as well as their true feelings for one another.

Nissa has a sweet beauty and innocence to her that is enchanting, and Peter, as a former playboy who made it a rule never to fall in love, is so likeable, one cannot help but smile as you get to know him. The secondary characters, each with their own stories to tell, add a great deal to this wonderful story, and Ms. Raye has done a good job in displaying their various personalities and quirks.

SIREN’S SERENADE is well written and greatly displays Ms. Raye’s outstanding writing talents. As a stand-alone book, I had no trouble following the story and greatly enjoyed the subject matter.

For anyone interested in mythical mermaids, romance, and lost treasure, I would highly recommend this book.

This is an objective review and not and endorsement of this book.

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