Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Scarabaeus #2
Publisher: Harper Voyager
Date published: March 2011
ISBN: 9780061934742
Fantasy/SciFi Adventure
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed by Tammy
Obtained via: publisher

The second and last book in Sara Creasy’s Scarabaeus two-part series, CHILDREN OF SCARABAEUS, is fantasy, romance and adventure brought to life.

CHILDREN OF SCARABAEUS picks up right where SONG OF SCARABAEUS left off. Edie Sha’nim and her bodyguard, Finn, are trying to reach the fringe worlds where they hope to hide from the tyranny of the Crib empire. Unfortunately for them, Edie’s unusually strong cypherteck ability to evolve the ecology of evolving planets makes her way too valuable to the Crib to lose and they are recaptured and with Finn’s life in the balance, forced to cooperate. When Edie discovers the Crib is breeding new cyphertecks, children, she is determined to free the children. But she also discovers that researchers have found evidence of an evolving intelligence on Scarabaeus, the first world she tried to save and just managed to escape with her life in the first book. Becoming free of the Crib for Edie, Finn and the cypherteck children will require real sacrifice and a surprising act of rebellion.

CHILDREN OF SCARABAEUS is every bit as fast paced and fantasy-filled as the first book in this two-part series, SONG OF SCARABAEUS. Once again, the world building was in-depth and a fascinating mix of science fiction, romance and adventure with somewhat of an Avatar feel to it. Edie and Finn have grown closer since the first book and their relationship is becoming more complex and romantic. Edie is faced with many difficult decisions. Finn is much more caring in this book while remaining just as strong, capable and sexy as he was in the first book. There are plenty of surprises in this story and some very emotional moments. The chain of events that occurs when the planet of Scarabaeus reenters the storyline was really an interesting and unexpected twist.

Sara Creasy’s CHILDREN OF SCARABAEUS is mystical, magical and a fresh spin on romantic fantasy/sci fi that fans of so many genres are sure to enjoy. This reader is very excited to see where Ms. Creasy’s creative imagination will take readers next.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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