Friday, September 2, 2011

INK FLAMINGOS by Karen E Olson

Publisher: Penguin
Date Published: June 2011
ISBN: 978-0451233790
Mass Market Paperback
Cozy Mystery
Reviewed by Angie
Obtained by Publisher

Brett Kavanaugh is a tattoo artist with a penchant towards solving mysteries. When one of her clients is found dead from an allergic reaction to ink used to fill in a tattoo that Brett designed for her, she is the likely suspect. When a tall red head has been spotted leaving the murder scene, and then Brett’s name and likeness start popping up on the police’s radar, Brett realizes she must solve the crime before she herself is next on the killer’s agenda.

Brett is a beautiful main character. Karen E. Olson does a wonderful job of throwing just enough details about her physical attributes into the story to leave readers wanting to be the tall thin red head that seems to have a knack for getting involved in murders. Ms. Olson also gives great descriptions of her secondary characters leaving readers feeling as though they are watching from the sidelines – or part of a murder mystery show that is revolving around them.

Not only physical beauty makes Brett a great character. Her inner strength as she finds herself stalked and more make her a hit. Her love life makes a great secondary plot as she finds herself dumped by her boyfriend after getting caught drunk and making out with another man. When her stalker posts pictures of the event on her blog, Brett doesn’t wimp out, instead she becomes more determined to find out who is framing her for murder.

INK FLAMINGOS may be the best paperback read on my summer vacation. The fourth novel in Ms. Olson’s A Tattoo Shop Mystery is definitely a winner. I have read the previous three, and this one definitely did not disappoint. I will am looking forward to getting home and searching out more of this talented author’s tales – her Annie Seymour Mysteries are up next on my to-buy list.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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