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Publisher: Avon Books
Date Published: August, 2011
ISBN: 978-0-06-203305-5
Historical Romance
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed by Lynne
Obtained via publisher.

Sebastianne Dumont has her back up against the wall. Either become a spy in order to save her family, by stealing a top secret formula from a brilliant English mathematician, that will aid Bonaparte’s forces in winning the war, or...not.

Reluctant, but desperate to save her family, Sebastianne goes undercover as a housekeeper in the home of Lord Drake Byron, a man who becomes a danger to her mission as well as her senses. A confirmed bachelor, Byron believes no woman would ever want him due to his erratic and unpredictable lifestyle. But when she falls in love with him, Sebastianne, calling herself Anne Greenway, is quick to realize that she must soon betray this incredible man who has turned the wheels of her heart so wonderfully that the pain of losing him is devastating to her.

When the opportunity finally presents itself, for Sebastianne to steal the information she needs to save her family, she has no idea it is the same night that Lord Byron has considered marrying her, despite his vow to remain a bachelor.

Hurt, betrayed, and furious with Sebastianne’s deception, Lord Byron makes his way to France, intent on bringing Sebastianne back to England, for retribution for her crimes. But once he locates her and learns the truth behind Sebastianne’s covert behavior, he instead feels the need to remain in France to protect her and her family from the evil man threatening them.

When circumstances turn in their favor, freeing Sebastianne and her family from the fearful emotions she has been harboring for so long, Byron is quick to propose, vowing to take care of her entire family as well.

Once safe in England, the life Byron and Sebastianne had envisioned for themselves prior to their engagement is forgotten. Sebastianne is soon swept into a dream-like future with the man she loves so passionately, as well as into Byron’s family, who welcome her with open arms.

THE BED AND THE BACHELOR by Tracy Anne Warren is an outstanding read. I thoroughly enjoyed it. As a fan of historical romance, this one has everything one would want in this genre. There are lots of passion, intrigue, mystery, and heartwarming scenes involving family members on both sides of the spectrum.

Tracy Anne Warren has great skill at plotting, characterization, and dialogue, which makes the reader aware of her incredible writing talents.

The plot Ms. Warren has weaved into THE BED AND THE BACHELOR kept me riveted. In fact, it is one of those books I found hard to put down and one I never wanted to end.

Although THE BED AND THE BACHELOR is a continuation of the books Ms. Warren has written about all of the Byron brothers, I found this one to be enjoyable as a stand-alone book. I enjoyed it so much, I intend to read the other Byron brothers books that Ms. Warren has in print. The fact that Ms. Warren has a background in finance amazes me, since one would believe she had spent her entire life involved with writing and literature. She seems to be a natural talent, an author I will not forget.

Perhaps because it is the first novel I have read by Ms. Warren, I found it quite to my liking. I cannot compare it to her previous works, which leaves me open to an honest opinion on how I felt while reading THE BED AND THE BACHELOR.

I liked the characters in THE BED AND THE BACHELOR. The fact that Lord Byron hired such a young housekeeper gave evidence right away of his attraction to Sebastianne. It seemed that no one older would ever become the new housekeeper once Byron laid eyes on her, which made it easy for her to pull off her charade, so to speak. The fact that they were both young and attractive made it only logical that they would develop an interest in one another sooner or later, while living under the same roof. And since Sebastianne had interests similar to Lord Byron’s, it also made sense as to their attraction for one another, other than physical.

Yes, it seemed a little out of the ordinary for Lord Byron to be so handsome and buff, considering one’s view of what a mathematician should look like, perhaps a typical nerd, but as part of the aristocracy, it only made sense that Byron would eat well and take care of himself. Usually the wealthy, since they can afford to hire chefs to cook their meals, are able to keep their weight down since they don’t need to fret over what to eat or how to cook it. Usually only the rich can afford to purchase the right foods, although some may overindulge. So the fact that Lord Byron didn’t come off as a typical nerd was quite all right by me.

Yes, I am giving a thumbs up to THE BED AND THE BACHELOR by Tracy Anne Warren. Anyone who enjoys historical romance, mystery, and suspense I’m sure will enjoy reading THE BED AND THE BACHELOR. I know I did.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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