Tuesday, October 25, 2011

CROSS YOUR HEART by Michele Bardsley

A Broken Heart Novel
Publisher: Signet Eclipse
Date published: September 7th, 2010
ISBN: 978-0-451-23105-5
Paranormal Romance
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained ARC from Publisher

After her husband dies, Elizabeth Bretton finds she has to figure out what she wants to do in her life now that dreams of motherhood are also gone. Returning to the family home in Broken Heart, Oklahoma, she never anticipates finding herself turned into vampire-blood martinis and all. Now Elizabeth has to deal with a vengeful ghost hell bent on killing her, a persistent suitor in a were-jaguar and a mystery to solve. All Elizabeth wanted was some peace and quiet…what she got was so much more…

I haven’t read one of this author’s Broken Heart novels before and when I opened CROSS YOUR HEART, I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to follow the storyline but once I got past the first few pages, I was hooked. Michele Bardsley draws you into a world where the paranormal is the norm. It was a fun, light read that had me smiling through the entire book. You get a sense of why the town is cursed and the back story of the series. The writing was tight the storyline moved fast and kept my interest until the very end. The characters are quite diverse and very enjoyable as well. I think it made the entire story much more enjoyable with those different people popping in CROSS YOUR HEART.

Meet Elizabeth Bretton. Made into a vampire by accident, she loves the all non-aging aspect and living in her family’s abandoned mansion with the other vampires has its perks. When a secret room is found in the house, Elizabeth’s world is thrown on end. Add in sexy were-jaguar in the mix, a ghost who wants her dead and other aspects Elizabeth has to deal with, it’s a wonder this vampire woman is still sane. It took some time to get into Elizabeth. She was a little too high brow for me at first but by mid way chapter two, I was enjoying seeing her deal with everything and then the author tosses in a few twists to draw my attention back to her. Tez is one hot shifter and one I wouldn’t mind stepping out with myself. The sparks fly between Elizabeth and Tez and it was fun to see how Elizabeth tried to fight her attraction to him…though eventually she lets herself finally be drawn into Tez’s arms. The secondary characters are quite enjoyable and diverse. You never know who might pop up in Broken Heart and that is what made this introduction for me into the series so welcoming.

CROSS YOUR HEART is a great addition to this series. One I plan to read more of. I would love to read the earlier books to see how some of the secondary characters mentioned got together. If you like light hearted paranormals that have a dash of humor, a mystery and a romance all together, then CROSS YOUR HEART is a perfect autumn read for you. I look forward to exploring more of this series books in the future.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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