Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Publisher: Ace
Date published: April 2011
ISBN: 9780441020393
Mass Market Paperback
Urban fantasy
Reviewed by Valerie
Obtained by publisher

Genny Taylor works at Spellcrackers and wants a quiet life doing her job and living her life. She is used to seeing ghosts and one in particular is being very persistent. When a friend of hers is murdered, all the evidence points to her and soon she is on the run while trying to clear her name. So, apart from her witch neighbors wanting to evict her, her ex and boss not knowing if their relationship should be hot or cold, the Vampires who would love to have her blood and the fae who are trying to woo her, life couldn’t be more complicated. She not only has the police on her tail, but some of the most powerful creatures in the universe. Still, she is not without friends, even though she is not always sure on whose side they really are.

This is an intense and highly exciting story that will leave you breathless. I must admit, I had a hard time keeping it all together, it is just so full of characters, intrigues and power-struggles that you really have to have some time and read it all in one go.I found I had to put it down a few times and it was difficult for me to get back into the story. Still, I really did enjoy it and if you like the kind of urban fantasy that is gritty and doesn’t pull any punches, you will enjoy this one too. It is rather dark, so you are not always sure if some of the characters are good or bad, they walk a fine line.Through it all, I was rooting for Genny hoping finally the light would shine at the end of the tunnel. I loved how Ms. McLeod wove so many different types of supernatural creatures into the story and brought them all to life. So, lovers of dark urban fantasy, go get this one right away!!And don’t forget the first one, THE SWEET SCENT OF BLOOD!

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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