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Publisher:Avon Books
Date published:August 30, 2011
ISBN 978-0-06-204983-4
Historical Romance
Reviewed by Lynne
Obtained via publisher

Spindle Cove is a haven for well-bred young ladies who need a change of scenery, well away from the opposite sex. Susanna Finch has no use for aggravating men, least of all for the new Earl of Rycliff, Victor Bramwell, who has arrived at Spindle Cove - a place he deems for spinsters - to gather a militia. Seems simple enough, until he meets Susanna Finch, a woman who sorely tries his patience.

Susanna is determined to maintain her haven for young ladies as a quiet, peaceful utopia where they will be kept safe from becoming involved with or marrying the wrong men of the ton. A matriarch extraordinaire, she soon has Bram’s full attention when he discovers she is the one everyone turns to for help and advice regarding the Town and pretty much everything else. Even the local vicar seeks her out for advice and direction.

Impressed with Susanna’s fortitude, amazing skills, and intelligence, Bram soon finds himself at odds with himself and the mission he is intent on fulfilling. Unable to keep his thoughts and his hands off of her, the two soon encounter each other for an epic battle between the sexes. Determined to do the honorable thing where Susanna is concerned, he is astounded when she rebuffs his every effort to do so.

In the end, when all stubbornness and pride is laid aside, only then will the truth between them be revealed and life-changing decisions have to be made, regardless of the consequences to Spindle Cove and everything it stands for.

A NIGHT TO SURRENDER by Tessa Dare is an amazing read. Full of many pleasant and sensual, intimate happenings, it is the story of a handsome war hero and an assertive woman who clearly knows what she wants and goes for it.

Ms. Dare is a skilled writer who has woven an interesting tale of a utopia where women are free to indulge themselves, albeit in a peaceful manner, until the sort of men they are trying to avoid invade their peaceful little hamlet. The only men in town are so whipped, in my opinion, that even they have lost their desire to demand leadership of a town which is instead governed, to a point, by a strong, seemingly superior woman. A woman of such intelligence, knowledge, and unique skill that everyone has come to depend on her for all of life’s cares and problems. But Spindle Cove is a happy place, up until the invasion of Victor Bramwell, who himself becomes enamored by Ms. Finch’s unusual attributes and unique talents.

I enjoyed A NIGHT TO SURRENDER because it takes the reader from the real world for just a spell and into a seemingly imaginary place where a pleasurable retreat awaits any female who feels the need to escape from a man’s world, as he expects it to be. Ms. Dare does a wonderful job in sharing such a retreat with her readers.

The wonderful dialogue and snippets of humor throughout A NIGHT TO SURRENDER keep one turning pages to see how the conflicts between Bram and Susanna are finally resolved. Susanna’s incredible talents are often brought to light in clever ways that bring a smile to the reader’s face. And Ms. Dare’s research of how to load flintlocks and make efficient use of Mrs. Worthington’s Book of Wisdom adds a bit spice to a rather dull lesson in weaponry.

I also loved the injection of the pet sheep named ‘Dinner’. It was an original, very cute idea which lent some additional humor to A NIGHT TO SURRENDER.

If one enjoys history and romance, then A NIGHT TO SURRENDER is a delightful story that will keep you engrossed, entertained, and smiling to the very end.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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