Wednesday, December 14, 2011

WOLFMAN 4: SALVATION by Brannan Black

Wolfman Series, Book 4
Publisher: Changeling Press
Date published: September 15th, 2011
ISBN: 978-1-60521-667-6
Gay (M/M), Futuristic, Dark Fantasy, Paranormal
Reviewed by Dawn
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CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE! Daniel is still dealing with mating with Mace and finding his place in his pack. But danger looms as rabids find a way to hunt, kill and encroach into Mace’s territory. Soon Mace will have to find a way to deal with them but the problems are just starting. Daniel doesn’t do the whole submissive thing that Mace-and wolfmen-demand. Can Daniel find a way to give Mace what he needs to make their mating bond permanent or will Daniel lose the one man he has fallen in love with-forever?

I have got to admit, the Wolfman series is one that will have you laughing hysterically one minute and the next practically panting as lust races through your veins. Brannan Black delivers another high octane ride from start to finish as WOLFMAN 4: SALVATION picks up right after WOLFMAN: JUDGEMENT left off. I have got to admit I was on the edge of my seat right from the beginning to the very end wondering if Mace, Daniel and the pack would survive this next threat. The writing is tight, storyline fast paced and the sparks flying between Mace and Daniel is pure perfection. I have got to admit I have a soft spot for these two characters and can’t resist feeding my habit by reading the first three books over again. I have to stress that you need to read these in order so you can get the full storyline and what happened to the world Brannan Black created for this series.

Meet Daniel. A smart ass genius who is trying to survive in a world gone mad when a virus wiped out billions and the ones left were either turned into wolfmen or left human. Each trying to find their place in this messed up world now. Daniel is a wise ass, sarcastic, loving and one character I would absolutely LOVE to meet in real life. He would be a great friend to have and the love he has for Mace is one that leaves me with tears in my eyes each time I read one of the Wolfman books. Their connection is soul deep not just physical/sex deep. These two are connected in such a way I think I fell for them both the first time they stepped off the pages in WOLFMAN 1: APOCALYPSE. Mace is pure alpha male, determined to make sure his pack-and Daniel-survive the coming storm that swirls around him. The only time he can let his guard down is with Daniel in the privacy of their room. Then you see the tender emotions come out, the need both men have for one another and it quite literally takes your breath away. The characters are well rounded, interesting and definitely capture your imagination-from the main characters to the secondary characters. Plus there were a few new faces in this installment that had me intrigued as well.

WOLFMAN 4: SALVATION is a pure adrenaline rush from start to finish and you will be gasping in shock as twists abound that will leave you reeling. Will Daniel find a way to give Mace what he needs from him? Will the rabids finally overtake Mace and his pack? Those questions and more are answered even as new questions are asked in SALVATION. The question is-are you strong enough to join in Mace’s Pack and see how to survive?

Brannan Black is one talented writer and one I am hoping doesn’t make us wait long for the next installment of Mace and Daniel. I look forward to more adventures with these two wonderful characters and hope you can join me on this wild ride.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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I haven't heard of this book before. So glad you enjoyed it. I'll have to check it out.