Tuesday, January 24, 2012

JAQ’S HARP by Ella Drake

Publisher: Carina Press
Date published: February 21st, 2011
ISBN: 9781426891236
ASIN: B004K1F7V2
Science Fiction/Futuristic Romance
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained ARC by Publisher via Netgalley

Jaq Robinson is a kick ass agent for the Mother organization, bringing down bad guys one at a time. This time she is working outside the company as she takes on the biggest villain she has faced-The Giant Corp, the company she blames for her sister’s devastating illness. To get a cure, Jaq will need to break into Giant Corp and steal it. Too bad she will come face to face with the one man who broke her heart years before…the one man who still can make her knees weak, Harper English. Harper is determined to get Jaq to forgive him and give their relationship a second chance but first they have to escape Giant Corp with the cure and not get caught in the process.

I really wanted to enjoy JAQ’S HARP by Ella Drake. The writing was good, the story was different and the chemistry between Jaq & Harper was explosive. Ella Drake does a wonderful job in world building and the reader gets a sense of a bio-engineered world that gives a new meaning to world gone mad. If you take ‘Jack & the Beanstalk’ fairy tale and give it a futuristic background, it gives it a whole new twist. The only thing I had an issue with was it was a bit short to really get into the character’s head. I felt it would have done a bit better if the book was longer and we got to see more layers with the characters themselves. Jaq and Harp, at times, made some really interesting choices that I felt didn’t fit right with the story though it ended up working out just fine. The author did a good job in giving this fairy tale a new twist and one that I found enjoyable.

This is a short story so I don’t want to go too much in detail if you haven’t read it yet. Ella Drake delivers a solid story that will keep you entertained on a cold winter’s night. The story was packed with conflict and angst that had me wondering if Jaq & Harp were ever going to get their own happily ever after. Ella Drake delivers a solid introduction in her version of the children’s fairy tale and I am hoping she comes back for more. I only wish the characters were fleshed out better and were more multi-dimensional but they worked in this short novella. If you are looking for a quick read, then grab JAQ’S HARP and settle in for some reading pleasure.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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