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TIDES OF LOVE by Tracy Sumner

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
Date published: November, 2011
Historical romance
Reviewed by Gina
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Marielle Claire Beaumont, Elle, loved Noah Garrett before she could even put a name to the feeling he evoked in her. Younger than he and his brothers, always underfoot, as a child Noah proclaimed her a nuisance yet he rescued her at every turn. He was always there for the little girl whose mother died too young. But one day her curiosity leads to consequences the likes of which she could have never anticipated. Always curious, always looking for new adventures, new things to learn, Elle begins to read the Garrett brothers’ mother’s journal. The pages reveal a secret not even the brothers knew of yet is devastating enough to send Noah packing.

Years later, now a well-known marine biologist, Noah is enticed back to Pilot Isle and the family he has avoided. Unsure of his reception it is just his luck that the first person he runs into is Elle. Now grown he clings to his childhood memories of her but cannot completely set them aside from the woman she has become. He find himself drawn to her bit by bit but when Elle leaves Pilot Isle, he realizes just how much she means to him. Heart in hand he scrambles to find her before it is too late.

TIDES OF LOVE by Tracy Sumner is different from almost every other historical romance I’ve read both in terms of period and subject matter. Except for minor bits of research I haven’t read much of the late 1800s, especially 1898 nor of what I find to be very interesting issues of the time. Like many women I take our educational options for granted. Ms. Sumner delves into the arduous path women had to take at the turn of the 20th century to obtain an education—not only from frowning family but from the schools themselves. I smiled to myself when one of the issues of whether or not the curriculum needed to be changed to accommodate the women in a university program. That would so not happen today, at least in the United States. How sad to think of so many bright and intelligent women being denied an education simply because they were women. Ms. Sumner weaves those difficulties into the story in a well told manner, entertaining while educating.

Noah’s profession as a marine biologist was also an interesting difference in this story. TIDES OF LOVE is a heavily character driven re-write of Ms. Sumner’s 2000 version of the same title. Updated, re-edited it’s a lovely story to read in its new incarnation.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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