Monday, February 6, 2012


Publisher: Berkley Trade
Date published: March 2011
ISBN: 9780425238875
Women’s fiction
Trade Paperback
Reviewed by Valerie
Obtained by publisher

This is a heart-warming book with tales of people who with the help of a dog find love, companionship and learn lessons on loyalty.

Rachel, thirty-nine has lost her job and boyfriend, but has inherited her aunt’s house and her Border collie. There is also a full rescue kennel to take care of and Rachel knows next to nothing about dogs. But as she tackles the task, it turns out that maybe the dogs are not the only one who needs rescuing.

Zoe’s children receive a Labrador puppy from her ex-husband and it is going to be quite an impossible task to get the lively dog trained. Until a handsome doctor arrives on the scene.

Natalie and Johnny have been trying for a baby and it’s putting a strain on their marriage. Maybe they need a child substitute in the form of naughty Basset hound?

First I have to admit that I am a dog person and I really enjoyed reading these stories about people and their dogs. But it is so much more. This author has captured real life with all its problems and has interwoven dogs into the plot too. In my eyes, icing on the cake. The characters are very well drawn and I could relate to the women and their myriad problems, from over active kids, adultery, married lover and a fragile relationship with a mother. This author cleverly takes you on journey through these people lives and mixes in a little bit of magic that gives the reader hope that everyone will find some kind of happy ending. This is a book that will reach you on all emotional levels and even if you are not a dog person, I believe you will enjoy this book too.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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